MP turns postie for the day in Wilmslow


Esther McVey MP got a first class experience recently when she joined a local postie on his delivery round in Wilmslow.

The Tatton MP was invited to accompany Gareth Trimble, who has been delivering mail for 30 years, to see for herself the challenges they face delivering letters and parcels in all weathers six days a week.

Ms McVey said: "Postmen and postwomen perform an incredibly important role in our communities across my constituency, not just delivering letters and parcels, but also for being part of an organisation that plays such a key role in keeping the UK connected.

"I wanted to get a real understanding of the work that goes into delivering the mail on a daily basis. There can be no better way of getting that insight than actually going out and doing the job alongside a postman or woman. I joined local postie Gareth Trimble who has been delivering mail for 30 years."

Darren Taylor Royal Mail Delivery Manager at Wilmslow Delivery Office who briefed Esther before she set off on his delivery round said: "We're delighted that Esther McVey MP is taking the time to experience the every day challenges faced by our postmen and postwomen who are so often at the heart of their communities."

Esther McVey


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David Hoyle
Thursday 11th April 2019 at 3:08 pm
Did she not comment on the van blocking the footpath. Oops sorry that's acceptable in Wilmslow theses days.
Pete Taylor
Thursday 11th April 2019 at 3:45 pm
David; that’s “her” Royal Mail van!
Diane Walker
Thursday 11th April 2019 at 4:32 pm
Just what I was going to say David! I hope that's not the way Gareth Trimble has been parking his van for 30 years! Pity Esther didn't pull him up about it.
Oliver Romain
Thursday 11th April 2019 at 7:36 pm
Esther has scored an own goal coming to Hawthorn Grove handling residents’ private mail just as polling cards are being delivered. She did not go out on Gareth’s round (not his van as its yards from the sorting office) she was with him for Hawthorn Grove and a bit of Hawthorn Lane. His round is much bigger than this. She was supposed to visit before Christmas but maybe didn’t fancy the weather.
Residents of Hawthorn Grove battle daily with the sort of parking you can see in the photo and much, much worse.
Bin collections are regularly disrupted as the lorries can not get past Royal Mail vans and customers vehicles. This also means that fire trucks will also struggle. The junction of Hawthorn Lane is a blind corner and drivers have to exit dangerously on the wrong side of the road every day.
Wardens refuse to ticket RM vans and customers rarely get tickets as they are not there long enough. The yellow lines are completely worn out.
RM vans use Hawthorn Grove as a commercial car park and loading area.They wake residents up at 5am slamming doors outside homes (they could park on Hawthorn Lane at this time but don’t). RM has extended its opening hours and so the problems extend too.
Dungeon Walk is regularly completely blocked and as there are still no parking restrictions, nothing is done. Residents have made dozens and dozens of complaints for many years to the council and councillors but either nothing happens or they are completely ignored.
Residents are at their wits end and will be rightly furious that Esther came to this road and completely ignored the major parking problems that make such an impact on residents lives.
James MacDonald
Thursday 11th April 2019 at 7:42 pm
Perhaps less about the "challenges they face delivering letters and parcels in all weathers six days a week", and more about the challenges they give to pedestrians by illegally driving on pavements to park instead of parking on the road.
Stephen Feber
Monday 15th April 2019 at 8:20 pm
I'm really sad I missed this event. Gareth is a great guy and an important member of the running club in Wilmslow. I regularly have 'discussions' with characters who park on the zigzag lines either side of the pedestrian crossing outside Waitrose. Just part of the general malaise of people parking anywhere with impunity. The pedestrian crossing parking is dangerous given the absence of 20 miles an hour zones in Wilmslow. However Esther McVey had a cognitive bypass before becoming an MP, so there is little hope of any link between a reasonable comment about parking and her taking action. And, even if she could understand simple points the guy heading up the Department for Transport has also had a cognitive bypass – cancelling railway electrification projects and ordering diesel trains. She also believes that leaving the European Union will be super easy and that we should simply exit with no deal with the EU. But I have strayed off the point!
Oliver Romain
Tuesday 16th April 2019 at 5:38 am
She is on twitter promoting her ‘day’ as ‘blue collar conservatism. I haven’t heard the term used this century. I looked it up and it’s used to describe working class manual workers.
So we learn Esther is prepared to find out what it is like to be a manual working class worker for the day as long as it’s not raining (told she cancelled previously over rain), a camera crew is there and the ‘day’ finishes before brunch.
Oliver Romain
Tuesday 16th April 2019 at 9:07 am
Update: The bins on Hawthorn Grove were collected this morning (Tuesday). Apparently the normal Monday collection was attempted twice but blocked due to illegally parked vehicles.
This could be addresses by changing the collection time but that would only solve the bins collection issue. What if this were an emergency and a fire truck or ambulance could not attend?
This is a very real concern for residents. The council, councillors, police, Royal Mail and the PCSOs know all about it. Practically every resident has contacted them on numerous occasions.
Plus least three residents collared McVey when she was playing at being fair weather working class sorry ‘blue collar’ for the cameras for an hour.