Plans submitted for improvements at Browns Lane playing fields

A planning application has now been submitted for the improvements to the recreation area at Browns Lane, which is currently a poorly drained piece of open space with a kick-about area and play area.

Ansa Environmental Services, which is wholly owned and controlled by Cheshire East Council, are proposing to improve the facilities on the site to make it more accessible and provide more opportuniteis for play and recreation.

The scheme includes the provision of a path network, including a shared cycle and footpath with lighting, a new play area, a new drainage system, a multi-use games area and a pitch for football, as well as new seating and new fencing. The proposed play equipment includes a basket swing, spinnee roundabout, turtle springer, two multi use climbing units and cradle swings.

The improvements to the Browns Lane Recreation Area are being funded by S106 contributions in connection with the Jones Homes development off Adlington Road and the Oaklands School development.

Councillor Toni Fox said "I am delighted that we are finally drawing nearer to residents getting some benefit from the S106 monies accrued from local developments in the area.

"Unfortunately the well known drainage issues on the site have caused some delays in the planning application being submitted however I am confident that the proposals put forward have been thoroughly considered."

She added "Ansa have advised me that once planning permission has been granted they will start by removing the existing play area and commencing the drainage works as soon as ground conditions allow. They anticipate being on site for approximately 4 - 6 months during which it will be closed off to the public - signage will installed to warn local residents prior to closing the site. Given that the site is liable to flooding and heavy soil conditions under which heavy machinery will not be able to operate the timescales are weather dependent. Let's hope for a dry summer!"

The plans can be viewed on Cheshire East Council's planning portal, the last date for submitting comments is February 7th and a decision is expected by March 22nd.

Browns Lane


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Marcia McGrail
Thursday 17th January 2019 at 5:24 pm
Not another shared pedestrian/cycle path! - an oxymoron if ever there was - surely not in an area like this? At the moment, no cycles = pleasant stroll; able to tune out without being run down by aggressive, impolite racers.
Vulnerable pedestrians (especially those of us with PTSD) always lose out under these conditions. There are so few places we can escape to - when I complained to one who ran me down, I was told in no uncertain terms to stay at home.