The soldiers return to Handforth

In 2014, local artist Christine Wilcox-Baker created an installation titled "Reflections" to commemorate the start of World War 1 with the soldiers going off to battle. Four years later she has returned with her second installation titled "Reflections 2" that portrays a scene of destruction of war and how it changed the young life of those soldiers and their families.

Christine said, "I'm grateful to the Friends of Handforth Station for inviting me to exhibit my work. I hope that it will stimulate people to think about how we work towards a more peaceful world".

"Reflections 2" will on display until Friday 30th November.

Students from reception class to year 6 at Wilmslow Academy have also provided artwork and stories for the ticket office to mark the centenary ending of WW1. Principal Mrs Charlotte Clowes said "The work has made a stunning display that all the school can be proud of."

The display is one of a series that Wilmslow Academy, guided by Helen Wright, has provided for Handforth station and it will be on display during ticket office opening times until Friday 30th November.

Additionally Friends of Handforth Station (FoHS) have also dressed the station with large poppies, raised three "Lest we Forget" flags and a positioned a WW1 Nurse silhouette (one of three figures in Handforth village provided by Handforth Parish Council). Plus a junior member of FoHS made a poppy lantern, with red poppies for the soldiers, white for peace and mauve poppies for all the animals killed.

James Mander (Arts Coordinator for FoHS) said "After months of planning, the station is now properly adorn to show our appreciation to young men and women affected by the war. I wish to thank the schoolchildren, Christine Wilcox-Baker, Handforth Parish Council and the local people for all their support, time and kindness making this happen."

Friends of Handforth Station, Handforth Station, Wilmslow Grange


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Marcia McGrail
Thursday 22nd November 2018 at 3:17 pm
Congratulations to Christine, FoHS and all involved with this piece of commemorative work.
It looks a credit to you and gives the rest of us pause for thought.