Blooming Wilmslow gets the thumbs up from RHS judges

RHS judges Mel Kirby and Sarah Hawkins spent almost four hours touring Wilmslow on Tuesday, 24th July to assess the town's entry into this year competition.

Additionally they were judging individual entries from Lindow Common, the Temp, Chapel Lane, the United Reformed Church, the raised beds maintained by Incredible Edible, the Carrs and the rose beds in the Memorial Gardens.

At every point on their tour, the judges were complimenting the voluntary groups on the noticeable progress made during the past year. They were particularly impressed with the work by Garry Olsen on the Temp orchard and vegetable plots and by Julie-Dawn Potts and the Chapel Lane Business group.

The judges had told their guides at the beginning of the tour, that the town's entry would not be penalised for wilting plants. However, such care had been lavished on the planting throughout the town that the sight of a distressed plant was rare.

Ruth McNulty, Chair of Wilmslow In Bloom commented "One of the reasons the town looks so good is the contribution not just from our known collaborators but individual and collective efforts from residents and other groups, who have pitched in to keep the town's floral displays looking fresh. We know that the staff at the Leisure Centre – and their colleagues in the Lifestyle group – have worked hard to water the Incredible Edible planting around the building. We understand that the Cricket Club have also watered.

"We have had so many positive comments about the general appreciation of this colourful and edible planting. It is a cliché but when the town looks good, we all feel good as well and it's obviously good for business, which is one of the key objectives of our activity."

As in previous years, the Clean Team had turned out the evening before to ensure the town centre was tidy.

The RHS will make their awards public at the end of October. If you would like to contribute to Wilmslow In Bloom email Ruth McNulty

Wilmslow in Bloom


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Pete Taylor
Sunday 29th July 2018 at 11:27 am
Well done to all involved!
Pete Taylor
Thursday 2nd August 2018 at 9:14 pm
I can’t understand the lack of comments here; the displays are splendid.