MP joins volunteers to clean up Wilmslow

Four formal litter picks were organised by the Wilmslow Clean Team during their Spring Clean Week which ran from Monday 2nd April to Sunday 8th April.

Additionally a number of volunteers contributed to the campaign to clean up the streets of Wilmslow by going out on their own on Alderley Road, Knutsford Road Morley Green Road and Mobberley Road.

Eleven volunteers met at Lindow Common on Wednesday, 4th April, to focus on the surrounding area including Altrincham Road where they collected a total of around 30 bags of litter.

Then during the evening ten volunteers met at the junction of Moor Lane and Cumber Lane, an area they had not really tackled before.

Mr Chris Evans, the Chair of the Committee explained "We spread out in various directions and covered Rotherwood Road, Moor Lane, Cumber Lane, Chapel Lane, the area around Lindow School, Morley Lane bridle path, the paths leading to the top of Strawberry Lane, Arlington Way and Knutsford Road.

"We also sent a car over to tackle Sainsbury's car park. We collected around 17 bags in the hour or so that we were out and about. We then retreated to The Horse & Jockey for a well earned drink and a chat. We would like to thank our MP, Esther McVey, for helping us with this litter pick and for the publicity she gave to our Spring Clean on Twitter."

Ms McVey said: "I was invited along by Sally Hoare and had the chance to meet some of the team members including Chris Manley who was leading the clean that day and Chris Evans, the Clean Team Chairman. It was a great time and lovely to see so many people out working together to keep our towns clean.

"There are many opportunities for people to volunteer and if we all play our part and do a small amount it makes a huge difference. I love being out in the constituency meeting different people and events like these are great as I can do that but also play my part in keeping our area tidy. I got stuck in and chatted to volunteers as we picked up lots of beer cans, plastic bottles, and dog poo in bags, whatever was on the floor we picked up."

Ten volunteers met at The King's Arms on a damp Saturday morning and covered Alderley Road, Holly Road South, Holly Road North, Parkway, Broadway, The Leisure Centre, Knutsford Road amd the town centre. They collected about 13 bags of litter and a fly tipped car seat.

On Sunday, 8th April, ten volunteers met at Wilmslow Garden Centre for the final pick of Wilmslow Spring Clean Week.

Chris Evans, said "It was great to welcome two new volunteers to this event. We also had a third new volunteer who picked up some equipment so that he can do some litter picking in his local area (Macclesfield Road, Wilmslow Park/Bollin Valley).

"We covered Manchester Road, the children's park off Dean Drive and the wooded valley behind, the wooded area to the north of the Garden Centre car park, Stanneylands Road and Colshaw Drive. We collected about 16 bags altogether plus some recyclables."

The total bag haul collected by the volunteers so far in April is 90 bags – a tremendous effort.

The group organise several cleans each month but during Easter Week each year a full five days is dedicated to cleaning up the area. The Clean Team are looking for new volunteers as the more people on board the more they can do. All equipment, insurance and training needed to get involved is provided as volunteers can choose the sessions they attend and are not expected to attend all cleaning events.

Ms McVey added: "We have wonderful people who want to keep our community clean. As well as those who join the twice monthly organised cleans, there are a number of residents who do ad-hoc cleans in their own street or look after specific areas of the town. We live in a wonderful community in a beautiful part of the country and it is lovely to see residents of all ages along with local businesses attend these events."

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Wilmslow Clean Team, Wilmslow Spring Clean


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Barry Stafford
Wednesday 11th April 2018 at 3:53 pm
Good on Esther,,she spends a lot of time in Wilmslow,considering her brief is Tatton Constituency.
Be nice if some councillors and Town Clerk Mathew,did a bit.
I have spent time as a Volunteer.Shame we have such lazy residents,who cannot put rubbish in a bin.Usually the 'Take-away slobs, coffee cups,pizza boxes,etc.Baz
Peter Davenport
Wednesday 11th April 2018 at 6:57 pm
Please do not forget others who do this with no publicity. For thre last 5 years my Wife and I have done , usually on a Sunday morning, half Adlington Road, one piece of Dene Road, to Cross lane and back, filling a good bag. We have never seen a council worker in that time, only when there is a builder's exhibition. One thing we have noticed about rubbish generally, is the fact if every house just removed the rubbish from the front of it, it would make wilmslow much cleaner. Here's hoping.?!
Peter Davenport
Ruth McNulty
Wednesday 11th April 2018 at 7:12 pm
It is a regrettable truth that our residents and visitors can drop litter faster than the combined efforts of Cheshire East and the formidable Clean Team can pick it up.
That the Clean Team collected 90 bags of litter during their Spring Clean is, on the one hand to be applauded - and thanks to our MP for collaborating on this exercise - but equally is shaming that this scale of wanton carelessness is so evident.
I am not acquainted with Mr Stafford, despite my involvement with a number of town-wide volunteer groups and would be more than pleased to meet him and discuss activities in which he could become involved.
Both Town Councillors and Cheshire East Councillors are regularly involved in litter picking - and indeed have been photographed so doing, including in the productive Spring Clean. To suggest otherwise is at least ungenerous.
It would be splendid if Baz (if I may be so familiar) were to join the next litter pick in May - watch this site for details - or, indeed would join the Incredible Edible activity on Sunday 6 May - 2pm by the library. Do come and introduce yourself.