Snow stopping results for Pownall Hall School


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Temperatures may have plummeted to -5 in Wilmslow last week but pupils at local independent preparatory school, Pownall Hall School, hit soaring scores in their recent 11 + exam results. With every single boy and girl in year six getting into the senior school of their choice and several pupils achieving multiple scholarships, the school is celebrating its most successful results in over 2 decades.

Headmaster David Goulbourn said "we are very fortunate at Pownall that outstanding outcomes aren't a rarity, however we have been well and truly blown away by the achievements of our year 6 boys and girls this year.

Our pupils have received offers from every senior school of their choice and some have had multiple scholarship offers, which really is a massive achievement."

Pownall Hall School has an experienced specialist teaching team and a child centred holistic approach to its pupils and their education. David Goulbourn went on to say "At Pownall we believe 'Everything Is Possible' and these results have reflected our ethos perfectly. Beyond the syllabus, our teaching team is committed to helping our pupils believe in themselves, self belief is a huge part of what we teach, that and good old fashioned hard work!"

There is a real buzz around school since the children have received their results, teachers, pupils and parents alike are over the moon, one parent said: "Our daughter, whilst bright, has always been quite shy. Not only are we delighted that she has achieved outstanding results and been offered an academic scholarship at her 1st choice school, we are just so pleased with how well she has handled the whole process and how confident she was in her interviews. We never imagined that she would have been able to conduct herself so confidently, Pownall has not only worked with her academically but socially and emotionally as well."

"Sitting a child at a desk and pushing them to learn just isn't Pownall's style, from the minute a child joins the school, be it in nursery or further up, learning is instilled in such a way that it makes them want to learn, and that is the true difference" said another parent.

The pupils celebrated their success on World Book Day, they had a day off learning and spent their time inspiring and reading to children in the lower years of the school and received a visit from Cheshire chocolatier extraordinaire Willy Wonka A.K.A Oliver Dunn!

Pownall Hall School is holding an Open Day on Saturday 10th March from 10am - 12 noon.

For further information visit, call 01625 523141 or email [email protected].

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