Town Council wants your pictures of Wilmslow

Web Site Images Release

Having agreed to spend up to £5000 developing a new website, Wilmslow Town Counci is asking residents for their best photographs of Wilmslow to use on the town council's web site.

Wilmslow Town Council's current website looks dated, is difficult to maintain and is not mobile compatible. Therefore, councillors have agreed to revamp it with the aim of giving its users a much better experience.

The Council would like to use new images of the town and is calling on its residents to send them photographs of Wilmslow which they are happy to be used on the site.

The images should be of Wilmslow, free from any copyright or royalty and have the permission of anyone identifiable within that their image can be used.

Cllr Mark Goldsmith said "When I became a council member just over a year ago, it was clear that the website needed updating. I am therefore grateful to Cllr Angela McPake, along with Matthew Jackson, the Town Clerk who have helped make this project happen. We are now hoping residents send us some great images of the town to really compliment the new website design.

"However, if we have to commission photography ourselves, then the pictures will all be of Wilmslow in January when it is quiet and not looking at its best. So, to avoid this, please send us your images of the town in full bloom or during many of its vibrant events throughout the year."

There are no prizes for any images used, just the satisfaction of seeing your pictures used. It is hoped that, if a good selection of high quality images are sent in, the Town Council will avoid the need to incur the additional costs of a professional photographer.

It is planned that the new Wilmslow Town Council website will go live in April 2018.

Pictures should be sent to [email protected] and the most suitable ones will be selected.

Photo: Cllr Mark Goldsmith and Cllr Angela McPake.

Wilmslow Town Council


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Manuel Golding
Wednesday 17th January 2018 at 5:07 pm
The current WTC website certainly does the town no credit. So thanks to Cllr Mark Goldsmith for initiating and overseeing a upgraded and more user friendly site, with the help of Cllr Angela McPake.
There must be plenty of locals with wonderful pics of the town, some of which will be selected for inclusion. I therefore urge all you local photographers to do your artistic bit for the town.
Terry Roeves
Wednesday 17th January 2018 at 5:30 pm
Oliver Romain
Wednesday 17th January 2018 at 7:21 pm
‘Free from copyright’, no this is wrong. Free from copyright means you are then saying that anyone can use the image after WTC publish it. The person who took the photo owns the copyright and can give permission for WTC to use the image free of charge. Copyright should be retained by the photographer and also be recognised on the website.
Let’s hope the new website includes all the past and future grant applications and accompanying financial statements and a list of all the conflicts of interest including voluntary ones.