Council reports on its adult social care achievements and challenges

Mark Palethorpe

Cheshire East Council has published its 'local account' detailing its achievements in adult social care and the challenges it faces.

Together with partner agencies, the council has engaged with people who need social care support, carers and the public, focusing on a number of topics, which has given the council information about the services the council provides to them and what they would like to see in the future.

Mark Palethorpe, acting executive director of people, said: "Our 'local account' for 2016/17 is a summary of the adult social care service's activity, working with our partners from the health sector and especially the voluntary, community and faith sectors, to support vulnerable people who have adult social care needs.

"We are keen to ensure that our work supports the creation of resilient communities."

The 'local account' provides information on:

· The council's achievements in adult social care and its performance;
· New and existing innovative services;
· Feedback from service users supported through social care services;
· Changes and challenges the council faces; and
· Plans for improvements

The 'local account' is intended to be a report written for residents as well as council officers and service providers and is seen as a benchmark for future development.

Click here to view the 'local account' for adult social care.

Photo: Mark Palethorpe, acting executive director of people, Cheshire East Council.

Cheshire East Council


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Friday 29th December 2017 at 10:36 am
The "drip feed" of needing more money has begun. The last time they put up Council Tax they said it was to pay for adult social care.This report has an even larger section on finance so we can expect another "hike" of Council Tax, again arguing that it is needed for adult social care. Meanwhile, how much is being paid out to suspended executives, "temporary roles", and pay offs to people they want rid of?