Ex-straw-dinary creations take over the town

Now in its 7th Year, the Wilmslow Scarecrow Festival is well underway bringing lots of colour and fun to the town centre.

Look out for the weird and wonderful creations which can be found hanging out on the streets, on display in shop windows and even positioned high on the rooftops.

Organizer of the event Geoff Shelmerdine said "Wilmslow Dean Rotary Club members are delighted with the support this year and albeit slightly down on last year we have sixty scarecrows across the town including three primary school exhibits displayed inside Waitrose."

The colourful, noisy and traffic stopping Scarecrow Parade will on Saturday 2nd July, featuring the Cheshire Constabulary Police Brass Band and Drummers. They will be joined by the 4 metre high Rotary Scarecrows Rosie and Robin, as they set off from the library at 11.30am and then from Bank Square at 2pm, plus some Rainbows and Brownies with their own scarecrow creation.

This popular family event runs until Saturday July 1st, then a selection of scarecrows will be on display in the rotary tent at the Wilmslow Show on Sunday 10th July where visitors will be invited to choose their favourite.

All profits from the Scarecrow Festival will be donated to local charities.

Above is a selection of scarecrows I spotted on my travels around the town. I am missing a few so if you have a scarecrow that isn't yet featured in the gallery please email your high resolution photos to [email protected].

Unfortunately the two large scarecrows on Chapel Lane and the last scarecrow featured in the gallery above are no longer on display because the two large scarecrows were vandalised and the other was stolen and the props vandalised.

Lauren Yates, Branch Manager at Meller Braggins said "The scarecrow is made up of a combination of newspaper, bubble wrap, cardboard and straw, with a wig and eye lashes and a suit of clothes from a charity shop all paid for out of our own pockets.

"We put Laurell inside a Wendy House as part of our display and the vandals have broken the door off and also taken the stool our scarecrow was perched on.

"We are situated next to PizzaExpress and a lot of the children were peeping inside the house and giggling at the scarecrow.

"It's such a shame and it means we are effectively out of the competition, unless of course Laurell is returned."

Joan Potts said "The giant scarecrows that The Chapel Lane Group built have been wrecked by some nice people!.

"We are having them removed now and we are all really disheartened by this."

Wilmslow Scarecrow Festival


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Dave Cash
Wednesday 29th June 2016 at 6:01 am
Perhaps each creation could be given a short, humorous title, & viewing location, by creators, who could submit in-situ photo's to Wilmslow.co.uk by . These would form the judging basis for all participants and avoid exclusion due to subs vandalism.
In some pics presented, some 'scarecrows' may not recognisable as such.
Snow/Ice/Winter-themed creations could promote Christmas and other nearby Winter Festivals, with Judges announcing results at the Christmas Lights switch-on event?
Participation in either event (entry fee paid) would qualify for free entry to next event held within 9 months?