New chocolate shop coming to Water Lane

A new shop is preparing to open on Water Lane this week specialising in providing bespoke favours and chocolate gifts.

Chocolates Etc is a new venture for business partners pharmacist Siba and Sevda, who used to run a travel agency in Macclesfield, which specialised in cruising and golf breaks.

The close friends will be selling high quality chocolates that are presented in a unique way. Each of the chocolates will be individually wrapped and made into special arrangements.

Siva explained "We are bringing the concept of chocolate giving from where we are from, the Middle East. Our exquisite chocolates are beautifully presented in an individually sourced glass or metal containers. So when the chocolates have been eaten you will still have a beautiful object to remember that person and the giver's thoughtfulness."

The chocolates are being sourced from Lebanon, some of which are actually Belgium chocolates that have been processed in Lebanon, whilst others are Lebanese chocolates.

Siva said "They are good quality chocolates with slightly less sugar content and slightly higher cocoa content. We also have some flavours which have not been available before, such as strawberry cheesecake chocolates which look like roses."

Chocolates Etc will also be supplying favours for weddings and special occasions which are sourced from Turkey.

Sevda explained "These are big in the Middle East. Instead of just giving sugar almonds or chocolates they also come with a keepsake, such as a miniature bicycle or little silver plated containers. They look very nice on the wedding table but also make a lovely place setting and people can take them home with them as a reminder of the special occasion."

Siba and Sevda both live in Macclesfield. Speaking about why they decided to open the shop in Wilmslow, Siba said "We think Wilmslow has the perfect mix of a village and small community but also with the va-va-voom of a big city.

"The local community has been amazing and our neighbours have been very welcoming. There is a good vibe with lovely people, we are very happy to be opening here."

She added "We have exquisite products, especially in the way they are presented, so we think they will be well received in Wilmslow."

Chocolates Etc opens at 14 Water Lane at the end of the week, replacing Elspeth Mills Clothing shop which opened in October 2014.

Another recent change on Water Lane is the closure of Groom, the men's formal wear hire shop, which was located at the other end of the road.

Chocolates Etc


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Alan Hill
Wednesday 9th December 2015 at 2:30 pm
Hopefully will do well.Peter Dunn demonstrated that there is a market for high end chocolates despite their subsequent demise which I would attribute to over expansion on an expensive site.
Peter Evans
Wednesday 9th December 2015 at 10:35 pm
I agree, initially Simon Dunn did prove that high quality chocolates are popular, but then just totally lost his way - and forgot what he was good at. Shame.
Hotel Chocolat also proves that great chocolate works. Choclate Etc sounds more like HC, which is great news.
I look forward to it opening soon. Good luck to all involved!