Arts Week success at Gorsey Bank

Classrooms and the playground at Gorsey Bank Primary were creatively transformed as the school celebrated its 2nd Arts Week, which was crammed full of exciting opportunities to explore the arts and worldwide cultures.

Artist Lindsay Hill held a workshop with year 6 children to develop drawing skills of figures with a focus on the Middle East, and artist Liz Bowden worked with year 3 children to develop painting skills with an Asian focus.

Artists from Clutterbucks spent the week supporting year 1 children in creating a collaborative piece of art about European architecture and year two children worked as a team to produce a topical piece of artwork inspired by the South American rain forests.

Textile artist Peggy Fearne continued the cultural theme, working with year 5 who created colourful artwork inspired by Australasia, and musician Sally Melbourne worked with year 1 children who released their musical potential. Whilst actors Simon Gregson and Steph Sibles worked with years 4 and 6 who learnt some of the skills of great acting.

The school hall was adorned with a striking inflatable globe provided by the International Society whose international volunteers talked about their home countries and varied cultures, which lead to many interesting discussions.

The school also welcomed renowned Musical Theatre director Nicola Preston who taught and co-ordinated 250 of the younger children to produce a shared dance, again inspired by each of the continents the year groups focused on throughout the week.

Arts Week finished with a buzz when the whole school community were invited into the school at the end of the day to watch the dances, then visit the transformed classrooms to look at the successful art, dance, drama and music achievements from the week.

Year 2 teacher Ryan Thompson who orchestrated the event said "Art Week was a fantastic opportunity for the children who demonstrated and developed their great creative abilities. The week finished on a high when the children who had put so much hard work into the week proudly showcased to their parents and the school community.

"The events were fun and interactive and we received really positive feedback from the children, parents, teachers and supporters. We are particularly grateful for the support we had from the inspiring supporters the school were lucky to have welcomed."

Head teacher Lisa Woolley added "Arts and culture play an important part in so many elements of school and adult life. They stimulate and develop children's imagination and critical thinking, and refine their cognitive and creative skills. I praise all involved, particularly the supporters who took time from their busy schedules to do such fantastic work with the children."

The school will also be hosting its second Aspirations Week next spring, which looks set to be yet another interactive and educational event for the children. It continues to be an action packed year for Gorsey Bank, who recently celebrated their very good Ofsted report and will shortly be officially unveiling the new school frontage.

Gorsey Bank