Residents invited to nominate a new Wilmslow building for good design


Local residents are being asked if they have noticed a new or redeveloped building in Wilmslow or Handforth which was completed in 2023 whose design they would consider to be particularly good.

Wilmslow Civic Trust are asking people to put forward their nomination for the design award or commendation.

Nominations will be referred to the judging panel of Ray Acton, a lifetime resident of Wilmslow and a local historian, along with Terry Davenport, Chris Fasciato and Martin Hoyle who are all retired architects.

Building will be assessed by the following five criteria:

  • Overall Design Quality
  • Context (how well the building relates to its setting and neighbours)
  • Materiality (the choice of materials used and how well the building has been constructed)
  • Innovation (the extent to which the building's design demonstrates original new concepts and sets higher standards
  • Sustainability (the extent to which the building responds to the green agenda including an approximate evaluation of its carbon footprint)

The award scheme started 10 years ago. Last year two buildings in Wilmslow have received design awards from Wilmslow Civic Trust. A contemporary new-build replacement for a traditional detached house on Altrincham Road, was given a silver award and a new-build add-on to a property at the end of Moor Lane was given a bronze award, for smaller one-off projects.

The judges will make their decision after nominations close on 30 June.

Christopher Dodson, Secretary, Wilmslow Civic Trust, said "We seek to recognise the best new buildings within Wilmslow which make a positive contribution to the urban landscape and set a standard to which other new buildings in the town should aspire. In particular, we are looking for exciting contemporary designs. If a solution is more traditional, it needs to have been well-considered and have qualities which raises it above the norm and make it special."

Christopher added "Architecture is the most public of the arts. We don't have to go to a concert or visit an art gallery or a theatre but we all have to walk cycle or drive along the street. Wilmslow Civic Trust is trying in a very small way to encourage more of the buildings in Wilmslow we pass to be of a pleasing design."

Details of nominations should be to [email protected] by 30th June.

Photo: The Waters building on Altrincham Road which was awarded in 2014.



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Pete Wright
Monday 6th May 2024 at 6:30 am
Why can't a design award be related to good design and not have to be part of a so-called "green agenda"?
Simon Worthington
Wednesday 8th May 2024 at 2:38 pm
Because Pete, any news item must mention and comply with rules from the Cult of Carbon otherwise it it misinformation. The clue is indeed "agenda".

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