17% miss out on first choice of Wilmslow High School


Parents of Cheshire East school children received confirmation of the allocation of secondary school places earlier this month.

Cheshire East Council worked with local schools to offer 94 percent of Cheshire East residents their preferred school this year (an increase from 90.5 percent last year and 93 percent in 2022) with around 98 per cent receiving an offer from their three preferences.

Figures obtained via a Freedom of Information Request show that Wilmslow High School had 360 places to allocate for the academic year beginning September 2024, the Published Admission Number was 300 but 60 additional places were offered to meet parental preference, but the total number of applications for places at the school was 631, up from 579 last year.

Of the 420 students who requested Wilmslow High School as their first choice, 74 (17.61%) did not receive a place to start in September 2024.

Of the 360 places allocated, 346 went to those who made Wilmslow High their first choice.

A total of 7 second preference requests were made for the school and 7 third choice requests.

The school borders other local authorities and in total there were 80 applications from people living outside of Cheshire East.

Of those Cheshire East students who did not receive their first choice of Wilmslow High School, 10 were offered their second choice and less than five were offered their third choice preference.

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