The Wilmslow Prep Pathway

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At Wilmslow Prep we are proud of our highly successful track record of academic success resulting in children being able to move onto the senior school that is right for them at the end of Prep 6.

Our innovative and balanced curriculum, delivered through inspiring, dedicated and tailored teaching incorporates the key elements of the national curriculum, but takes learning well beyond these boundaries.

We challenge ourselves to constantly ensure that we are delivering a robust academic structure, allowing our pupils to achieve the very best outcomes.

The Wilmslow Prep Pathway is our unique approach to learning. The Pathway, divided into four key phases, clearly sets out how we develop children to fulfil their potential and our expectations of parents' input in this process.

The 4 phases are:

Phase 1: Discovery (Kindergarten & Reception) - In the Discovery phase your child will start their love of learning through exploration, work and play in a small, kind, friendly, nurturing and well-resourced environment.

Phase 2: Strong Core (Prep 1 & 2) - In the Strong Core phase, children transition from play based learning to a more formal learning environment, strengthening their independence and learning processes ready for the Juniors.

Phase 3: Extending Boundaries (Prep 3 & 4) - In the Extending Boundaries phase, the pace and challenge step up and we extend the boundaries of each child's potential and start the preparation for senior school choice.

Phase 4: Senior Transition (Prep 5 & 6) - In the final phase of the Wilmslow Prep Pathway we build on the prior phases, accelerating our emphasis on tailored teaching for each pupil, which means that your child has a choice of senior school that is right for them at 11.

The Wilmslow Prep Pathway can be found here.

The Wilmslow Prep Pathway demonstrates our clear commitment to enabling children to achieve their very best. It ensures that your child has an inspiring start to their education, ensuring the best preparation for senior school, whilst giving them every opportunity to shine in their own areas of talent along the way.

We continue to carefully track and monitor progress of every pupil through our robust assessment programme, enabling us to plan a tailored curriculum according to the needs of each individual. All lessons are differentiated to ensure the right balance of achievement and challenge, motivating the pupils to gain the most from every lesson. We are always seeking new ways of ensuing your child fulfils his/her potential, and the above initiatives simply demonstrate our very serious commitment to our important role in your child's development.

Now in its 113th year, WPS continues to thrive, offering an excellent education to each and every one of its pupils throughout their primary years.

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