Decision due on plans to build 54 homes on former green belt


Plans to build 54 homes on a parcel of land located west of Alderley Road are due to be determined by the Northern Planning Committee next week.

Outline planning permission for up to 60 dwellings to be built on the 4.45 hectare former green belt site were approved by Cheshire East Council in October 2018. (reference 17/5837M)

Story Homes have submitted a reserved matters seeking permission for the layout, scale, appearance and landscaping to build a residential development of 54 dwellings, comprising of 38 market homes and 16 affordable dwellings. There are mix of units proposed on the site ranging from 1 bed apartments to 5 bed houses.

ANSA, the Council owned responsible for managing waste, parks and grounds, said they are unable to support the plans due to concerns about the siting of the play area which they felt could lead to anti-social behaviour because of the lack of surveillance, is located within a flood zone, close proximity to a highway without a gate and might not be accessible all year round due to the weather. ANSA also objected on the grounds that insufficient detail had been provided for the play area itself, including specifications as well as a detailed management and maintenance plan.

Wilmslow Town Council also object to the proposals for a variety of reasons including the proposed tree lining along Alderley Road is inadequate, any buildings in this part of the site should not exceed two-storey's in height, it fails to respect the local character, the types of houses and their distribution within the wider area, surface water drainage should be dealt with within the defined site and inadequate green infrastructure provision.

Additionally, objections were received from 17 residential addresses.

However the Planning Officer is recommended that committee members approve the scheme at their meeting on Wednesday,10th August,

A report prepared for the meeting on Wednesday,10th August, states "Following extensive negotiations and the receipt of various sets of revised and further plans, it is now deemed that the layout, scale and appearance of the application proposals is acceptable. It is considered that the scheme achieves the correct balance between respecting the specific design characteristics of Fulshaw Park and its gateway location as well as providing a good mix of properties in order to create a sustainable community.

"The provision of solar panels, water buts and the already required electric charging points ensure that the scheme can demonstrate strong green credentials. Matters in relation to landscape, including trees, are deemed to be acceptable in principle, subject to the specific detail being agreed by the Council's Landscape Officer. The scheme is deemed to satisfy the requirements of the Council's Highway's Officer and would result in no notable concerns regarding neighbouring amenity, or ecology subject to conditions."

"Securing the relevant amount of affordable housing and mitigating the development's impact upon local education provision, health, open space (in principle) and flood risk were resolved or secured at outline stage. Subject to the satisfactory receipt of outstanding consultee responses, the application is recommended for approval."

The plans can be viewed on Cheshire East Council website by searching for planning reference 21/4669M.



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Sheila Hallas
Monday 8th August 2022 at 7:08 am
This site was classified as Green Belt. A precious space, used for crops and agriculture.
Why, why did a previous Council see fit to remove it from Green Belt, moving it to ‘Safeguarding’? Thus allowing Builders to rush in with plans ?
Safeguarding? The opposite is true.
Traffic along this stretch of road is choked at rush hours already. Add another 100+ cars trying to enter and exit the site and you get an intolerable situation.
Cheshire East has a disgraceful record on passing plans that should have been rejected on so many grounds. Danes Moss is another, a precious habitat of peatland. Wake up Cheshire East!
Jon Williams
Monday 8th August 2022 at 11:00 am
More houses - more Council Tax that's one reason
Pete Taylor
Monday 8th August 2022 at 5:54 pm
"The plans can be viewed on Cheshire East Council website by searching for planning reference 21/4669M."

This does not appear to be a valid planning reference number.
Roger Bagguley
Tuesday 9th August 2022 at 8:31 am
Well done ANSA and WTC in producing comprehensive lists of reasons as to why this unwanted and unnecessary development should be refused. What was withdrawn yesterday from the agenda of the Northern Planning Committee was a plan to build more of the same within the historic setting of Fulshaw Park. More of what can be found on the other allocated sites in Wilmslow, at Little Stanneylands, Heathfield Farm, Bollin Park and all other sites across the whole of Cheshire East. There is nothing in the design of this estate to celebrate the historic setting or that takes advantage of the unique opportunity to combine both of the Royal London sites, history on both sides of Alderley Road, nothing that makes a statement, “This is Fulshaw Park, the southern gateway to Wilmslow.”

The RoW message to CEC planners and to Story Homes is; Read and understand the Three Parks Document and the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan, and take this unique opportunity to produce something special at this Southern Gateway.” something that meets the wishes and aspirations of the people of Wilmslow: Something to be proud of!
Richard Minton
Tuesday 9th August 2022 at 8:32 am
Am I alone in thinking…..
Green belt , great concept, run roughshod over by Cheshire East,
if anything needs building it would be “affordable homes “ , but NOT on Green belt , perhaps where the Cherries Hotel is , or the Mermaid in Handforth , or on the land surrounding Total fitness, …….
Lisa Reeves
Tuesday 9th August 2022 at 8:44 am
Pete - I have just copied and pasted the number and it worked fine for me. Regards Lisa
Roger Bagguley
Tuesday 9th August 2022 at 9:07 am
Richard: Once taken out of the Green Belt in a local plan it appears the land has to be built on whether needed or not. On these allocated sites CEC do insist upon 30% of houses being Affordable - well 30% rounded down not up to the whole number. However, affordables should be pepper potted across a site and this is not often achieved. There is a need to look harder at what equality means.
Nick Jones
Tuesday 9th August 2022 at 11:00 am
With all the flooding at this location that appears unresolved, despite ongoing work... I cant see any changes to the site assessment... I'm not against meaningful development , but 54 Houses when we have already exceeded the Local Plan requirement ?
David Jefferay
Tuesday 9th August 2022 at 1:44 pm
This has been removed from the agenda for this month. Would imagine it will be discussed at next month's meeting.
Stuart Redgard
Tuesday 9th August 2022 at 8:06 pm
# Peter & Lisa

the problem is with the CEC website.

there are two different pages where you can search and find planning applications

If you use this link,, then it doesn't find the planning application.

If you use this link, it does find the planning application.

I hope this explains Peters comment.
Stuart Redgard
Tuesday 9th August 2022 at 8:07 pm
#Roger Bagguley

I totally agree.
David Smith
Wednesday 10th August 2022 at 8:32 am
Hello Roger Bagguley [and anyone else interested]
You identify and query the nature of planning in the aftermath of our own Neighbourhood Plan.
The following link to an episode of the BBC Analysis’ series called ‘Planning, Housing and Politics’ is interesting and revealing about Neighbourhood Plans - like ours.
Available until February 2023 at the link:
Wendy Falk
Wednesday 10th August 2022 at 9:23 am
I thought this piece of land was protected under a covenant between all the surrounding houses?
If this land is built on won't it just add more run-off rain water and add to the flooding problems of that area as nothing seems to drain away. They'll all no doubt have hard landscaped frontage for parking!
But, more importantly, surely we need more doctors surgeries, dentists, schools, police, road sweepers, etc. before we supply more homes? The existing services are stretched to the limit and have already reached breaking point!

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