Police car has tyre slashed whilst speed being monitored in Wilmslow

The tyre of a police car was slashed whilst speed enforcement was being carried out on Altrincham Road in Wilmslow on Saturday, 30th July.

PCSO Morris recorded 17 vehicles exceeding the 30mph limit on the A538 between 14:55 and 15:18.

During this time, one of the tyres of a police car parked on Mobberley Road was slashed. A mobile phone was recovered from the scene and enquiries are ongoing to identify the offender.

PCSO James Morris said "If you have concerns about the use of a speed camera, talk to us about it. Slashing the tyre of a police car only stretches a busy service and leaves taxpayers with an unnecessary bill.

"Perhaps the offender would like a chat: we found your very expensive iPhone..."

If anyone witnessed the incident, they can contact Cheshire Police by visiting www.cheshire.police.uk/contact or telephoning 101, quoting 22000550057.



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Marcia McGrail
Wednesday 3rd August 2022 at 7:08 pm
The irony would be missed by the offender if a speeding car was to ...well, you fill in the collision bit.

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