Biggest burst of poppies Handforth Station has ever seen

The Friends of Handforth Station (FoHS) have received a swell of support from the community, to make this year's Remembrance display at Handforth as bold as possible for everyone using the station.

Sue Clarke-Berry runs the Knit and Natter group at Gwyneth Morley Court has set a high knitting target this year with a record 130 poppies for FoHS

Lynne Haynes, another Handforth resident, also added many weaved poppies for Handforth Station; she introduced the white and purple poppies to the display.

She explained "White poppies are a sign of peace, and purple poppies commemorate all the animals that have been killed in war."

In addition, the flame-moulded bottle-base poppies that the Handforth Cubs created in 2019 have come out of storage, and can be seen at the Station in two pillars of poppies.

Jenny Barnes, the Chair of FoHS, said "Along with the supply of large red poppies that Handforth Town Council provides for us each year, we're now displaying more poppies than ever before. If any of your readers would like to visit Handforth Station to count them and let us know exactly how many we have, we'd be delighted!"

She added "We wish everyone peace and well-being this Remembrance Day."


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