'How utterly demoralising when we’ve worked so hard'

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Staff at Alderley Edge Medical Practice were left feeling very disheartened after finding the above note in their prescription box today (Wednesday, 4th August).

Dr Taylor said "How utterly demoralising when we've worked so hard. We never closed. We're not hiding. We have provided unprecedented service to those in need during this pandemic. Unfortunately there is no known cure for ignorance."

A colleague from Wilmslow Health Centre added "Absolute kick in the teeth to all staff working in primary care who struggled on in the most difficult of circumstances.

"GPs never closed. Primary care saw every patient that needed to be seen. TeamGP has never been busier.

"Sadly even we can't vaccinate against ignorance..."



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Brian Etchells
Wednesday 4th August 2021 at 1:04 pm
If you can get past the secretary on the desk who seems to want to make it as difficult as possible to see a GP maybe the GP might be doing a fantastic job.

As for booking online, never any appointments unless you agree to see a nurse who can diagnose from a telephone conversation.

Amazing how you can take a temperature, do a blood test and prescribe a treatment from a telephone call without all the training a GP has had.
Pippa Jones
Wednesday 4th August 2021 at 4:55 pm
What a horrible letter; and how cowardly to send it unsigned. I'm very sorry Brian Etchells hasn't had a good experience of GP care recently. My experience is completely different: I'm a patient of Alderley Edge Practice and I have always found all of the staff approachable, helpful and kind. Yes, systems have changed a bit since the onset of Covid, but in some ways for the better. I can use an easy to navigate website to book an appointment, and I get a response in hours. I know that when I need to see someone face to face that is easily arranged, but sometimes a phone call is more efficient for everyone. My late father was a patient at Wilmslow Health Centre and had the most wonderful care from everyone there, and they helped him negotiate extreme old age with great dignity.
Workload has increased massively over recent years, and they have provided us with an amazing Covid vaccination service on top of the "day job".
So thank you, Wilmslow and AE GPs and your fantastic teams.
Louise Wood
Thursday 5th August 2021 at 8:25 am
Absolutely agree with the comment. I never got to see a Professional ( I wasn't considered " bad" enough?) who may of taught me or helped me understand my issues, for the longterm benefits.
I was worth it. Everyone is worth it.
It's unfortunate Public frustration resulted in a particular Practice getting it in the ear!
Government is responsible for Healthcare Directives based on Physical Health more than Mental Health, and the relevant funding.
GP Practices are not the scapegoat.
What happened to " Be Kind",we have all had a Traumatising Experience of late?
David Miranda
Thursday 5th August 2021 at 10:54 am
This is cowardly. It would not surprise me if the sender has never worked a day in their life. Nobody is back to 'normal' - whether that's hospital outpatients, councils or businesses. So, why would you expect a GP to fling open their doors and put themselves, their staff, and other patients at risk?

On the issue of GP receptionists, they are bound by patient confidentiality rules. It seems odd (to me at least) that folk are prepared to spill their guts to a call handler (with no medical training) on NHS 24, but not to a member of their own surgery.

For years general practice has been teetering on the edge with a risk of collapsing. If people are not careful in how they use the service, there will be no service or you may have to pay to access a GP in the future.