Police step up crackdown on anti-social behaviour in town car park


Over the past few years anti-social behaviour has been an issue at Spring Street car park but the problem has got a lot worse in recent months.

Police patrols have located groups of teenagers congregating in the stairwells, drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis and leaving behind large amounts of litter and sick.

In an effort to tackle this ongoing problem a number of measures have been introduced which the police say are having a positive impact.

PCSO James Morris said "Significant progress has been made with reducing anti-social behaviour at Spring Street car park in Wilmslow town centre, thanks to dedicated efforts from police, the local authority, residents and other organisations."

New external barriers have been installed at the car park that are closed from 8pm every day and all day on Sundays. Additional measures put in place include bollards, speed humps and signage.

PCSO James Morris added "Issues at the car park had increased in the months from December, but it is hoped that the new measures will reduce problems relating to anti-social behaviour by young people. Police patrols of the car park will continue."

Spring Street Car Park


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Laurie Atterbury
Tuesday 11th May 2021 at 10:55 am
New barriers, extra bollards, speed bumps and signage; how will that stop the kids congregating in the stairwells? Sounds like a waste of funds to me.

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