Council launches consultation on housing documents


Cheshire East Council is inviting comments on two housing documents that would provide further guidance to developers and property owners and support the authority in deciding planning applications.

Firstly, a draft Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) has been published for consultation.

If adopted, it will provide additional guidance on three policies within the Local Plan Strategy, which sets out the overall vision and planning strategy for development in the borough.

The policies refer to the 'residential mix' of developments, including making sure that supported housing and accommodation for the elderly is available, and the provision of affordable homes, including in rural areas.

Frank Jordan, Cheshire East Council's executive director for place, said: "An SPD is not part of our statutory development plan but it is a recognised way of putting in place additional planning guidance and should be taken into account in deciding a planning application or on an appeal against a planning decision."

Secondly, the final draft of the council's Houses in Multiple Occupation Supplementary Planning Document (HMO SPD) has also been published for representations, marking the next step towards the adoption of this document.

The document provides more detailed policy guidance and, if adopted, will be used to assess planning applications for HMOs. It includes guidance on when planning permission is required and what information needs to be provided by applicants.

The final draft HMO SPD is accompanied by a report summarising the responses received during an earlier consultation and explains how they have been taken into account in preparing the final version.

Mr Jordan added: "Providing clear guidance up front about policy expectations should support developers and property owners when they are making relevant planning applications, as well as support the council in determining them.

"If adopted, these documents would be a key component of ensuring that local needs are met, and the right type of housing is delivered in the right place."

Comments on both documents are invited until 5pm on 7th June 2021.

To view the documents and to have your say, visit:

Feedback can also be posted to: Strategic planning (Westfields), C/O Municipal Buildings, Earle Street, Crewe CW1 2BJ.



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Christopher Evans
Thursday 29th April 2021 at 11:06 am
I received an e-mail from CEC Strategic Planning Dept. about this consultation and did not understand what it was about.

Thank you for explaining the message and putting it into plain English. I will now give the consultation due consideration.
Ian Nahapiet
Thursday 29th April 2021 at 3:23 pm
I have not as yet read either document but they will need to be very detailed and honest in many ways so that the Authority protects the the way in which it is taking decisions and gives clear and helpful directions to applicants. It does need to cover all the basic issues which will be relevant to a new development site. Also informing applicants clearly how the LA wishes to properly manage development on the Brown and Green Belt areas as they should both be different because of their location. However although they will be different for both, environmental issues, air pollution, rainwater management and quality of design is very important to both. Also the visual design that is being currently allowed I do feel allows developers to use designs that they have used in their developments for many years and for them is cheap to use but unfortunately provides many new properties with designs that are already out of date and poor designs. The design of buildings should make you feel uplifted when you are passing the development and help you appreciate in a positive way it's context.

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