Classrooms for vulnerable students revamped with the help of local law firm

Promotional Feature

Staff at Wilmslow High School have thanked a local law firm for sponsorship money that has allowed them to modernise their learning environment, enabling more support for students with varying levels of needs.

Bott and Co, a leading consumer law firm based in Wilmslow, has renewed its sponsorship for yet another year after being delighted with what the partnership has achieved so far. Further donations will especially help at such an unsettling time in student's lives due to the Covid19 pandemic.

Last year, the sponsorship enabled the school to have a fully fitted mid-range teaching and learning classroom installed within its offsite provision. Previously, students had been taught via an old projector that was taped to wall which continually cut out due to a makeshift bandwidth internet connection.

Sarah Clarke of Wilmslow High School said: "I'm so pleased and so very grateful that Bott and Co are continuing to sponsor us, we really couldn't do the work that we do and support our students without this financial help.

We have now joined the rest of the world in the 21st century with wireless connection and a new fitted projector suite. This includes a security fitted base for our hardware, 12 new desks and 4 laptop notebooks."

This year, the sponsorship has already helped to fund and secure a longer-term three-year rental deal for an offsite multi capacity building used to educate students.

Ms Clarke continues: "Ensuring that we have ongoing access to this offsite provision means that we are able to further implement successful and targeted intervention and bespoke programmes of study for up to 25 students with varying levels of needs.

We are forever indebted to Bott and Co, the financial support really has made a huge difference in the life chances and trajectory of our more 'hard to reach' and challenging young people."

Paul Hinchliffe, Managing Partner at Bott and Co said: "Through these difficult times, it is essential to not only support local businesses but invest in the future of young people and help them get the most out of their education and reach their full potential. We were absolutely thrilled to hear that the money has been of such benefit to the school, teachers and the students."

Bott & Co, Wilmslow High School