Neighbours come together and continue to fly the flag for our NHS

Since the beginning of lockdown the children of the Fulshaw Park area have painted a flag each week, honouring our NHS, our front line workers and on his birthday week, Captain Tom.

For the first time this week children were invited to paint a joint flag. They were asked to leave a handprint in rainbow colours and after it was complete the neighbours came together for a celebratory raising of the flag.

The organiser said "Thanks to all children and parents who took time to make this happen.

"All the flags bring joy to the residents, who can view them all on display on Fulshaw Park, thanks to Rick and Michelle Gorst who have donated their time and effort - and their garden fence!"

Rick has also organised a sunflower growing competition for the children (and a few adults!) along his south-facing wall. He issued seeds so everyone had the same chance and named spaces have been allocated.

She added "A great example of a community coming together in support of others and of each other".



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Janet A Taylor
Monday 22nd June 2020 at 12:18 pm
Thanks also to Tracy and Colin Mellor for having the idea and letting us all use their flagpole !!
Marcia McGrail
Thursday 25th June 2020 at 5:45 pm
Isn't 'community' a nice word when everyone pulls together - children have the attitude that would put many an adult to shame - LOVE in high doses never killed anyone.