Wilmslow prepares for In Bloom judging

After only seven years in the competition, Wilmslow In Bloom is proud to have been chosen to represent the North West in the RHS Britain In Bloom national competition.

Ruth Menlove, Chair of Wilmslow in Bloom, said "All our member teams have worked hard on their own areas to improve on their own high standards. We will be showing the Judges around Chapel Lane, the Community Gardens in the Temp, the Railway Station, the Rotary rose beds in the Memorial Gardens and the several initiatives in the Carrs.

"The activities of the In Bloom team and their partner groups help make the town even more attractive to residents and visitors. At times when the High Street is under pressure this is an important initiative."

Ruth added "There are new criteria this year and many significant scoring points can be lost or won from the quality of maintenance of planted beds, street furniture, footways, verges and general cleanliness."

Helen Yates, the founder member of Wilmslow In Bloom said "The activities on Chapel Lane – driven by Julie Dawn Potts – demonstrate how the use of plants and planning can transform an area quite significantly without significant cost. We have been amazed by the number of people who have commented – very positively – as we have worked on the beds both in the main car park and by the Leisure Centre."

The regional judges visit Wilmslow on Tuesday, 23rd July.

Click here if you have the time to help promote Wilmslow's entry there are lots of ways to get involved from picking up litter to joining working parties who do planting, clearing and more.

Wilmslow in Bloom


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Sally Hoare
Wednesday 17th July 2019 at 3:36 pm
Wilmslow Cleanteam are meeting in Sainsbury’s car park from 6.30 pm on Monday 22nd July to spread out and tidy up the town. Several volunteers are also going out over the weekend individually.
If you are able to spare some time please join us.
If not, just clearing up infront of your house or business would be a great help.
Ruth McNulty
Wednesday 17th July 2019 at 9:23 pm
Thank you Sally.
The Clean Team do make a significant contribution not only to our In Bloom entry but - as I am sure you will all appreciate - to the town at large.
Members of the In Bloom team have been out in the town today helping improve the appearance of the Boulevard, the station frontage, the Leisure Centre and the town centre. Oak Nurseries have placed a number of planters and we will be dressing additional sites with baskets and planters.
Thank you to everyone who have stopped to thank us as we have worked very publicly today Thank you also to the Council team who spent a day working out of office to help spruce the town centre.
The Regional Judges will be in the town on Tuesday next - 23 July - but we all need to be prepared for the National judges who will be viewing our efforts on 8 August.
Pete Taylor
Saturday 20th July 2019 at 9:04 pm
@ Sally Hoare, I go into Wilmslow from Fulshaw Park perhaps two, or three, times a week carrying a "single-use" plastic bag- it must be three years old now(!) I can usually fill it by the time I get to Sainsbury's, where I dump its contents into the CEC bin. I think that the Clean Team do a great job; without seeking kudos or "gongs" for their work.

I find myself more than slightly irritated by new "green communists" like Ruth Menlove/McNutty who blow their own trumpets about doing "the right thing" when most of us just get on and do it, without seeking public Kudos.
I first got involved with Greenpeace 30+ years ago and welcome any initiative to do what some of us were advocating back in those days.
Pete Taylor
Sunday 21st July 2019 at 7:19 am
Just back from a stroll around the block where I live and the litter situation along Alderley Rd between Fulshaw Park South and Donkey Lane was not too bad. A dozen crisp packets and sweet wrappers, two bakery bags, five drinks cans, two beer bottles, one nitrous oxide cylinder and a roll of plastic sheeting from the building work.
The tiny garden on the corner of FP South has a bench and a large waste bin a few feet away- too far for some folks evidently!
The “Welcome to Wilmslow” sign looks excellent with the “In Bloom” flower pots.