Fighting success for Taekwondo club

Local club JM Taekwondo is celebrating another successful year which has culminated in five of its students progressing to black belt, the youngest of which is only nine years old.

Parents, grandparents and club supporters travelled to Doncaster for the World Taekwondo Association dan grading on Sunday 3rd December. First up on the day were 9 year old Elliott Whipday, 11 year old Aidan Taylor Bierwas and his 9 year old brother Jake Taylor-Bierwas.

The three juniors progressed with ease to black belt, following a rigorous training exercise demonstration and technical examination under the critical eye of the four Taekwondo Master Grading Panel.

The highest black belt grading score on the day went to JM Taekwondo's senior club member Gill Fletcher. Whilst the fifth black belt of the day was awarded to David Thompson, who returned to Taekwondo training in January 2017 determined to reach his Black Belt goal.

Later in the day JM Taekwondo's Assistant Coach Sanjida Faiza obtained her 3rd dan black belt. The examination panel paid special credit to Sanjida and her sparring partner for the best sparring and free-style sparring that they had seen on the day.

These accolades come on top of Chief Instructor Jason Mayoh and Assistant Coach Sanjida Faiza's international and British wins. At this year's prestigious International Brussels Cup in April 2017, where 400 top fighters competed, both Jason and Sanjida secured Bronze medals. Then in September they took part in the Taekwondo British Championships, held in Manchester, where Jason achieved gold and Sanjida won a bronze medal.

Not to be outdone, JM Takewondo's Senior Coaching Team member Tony Nolan also progressed to 3rd Dan black belt.

Jason Mayoh, Chief Coach said "JM Taekwondo club has excelled massivley this year in members, talant and amazing achievements, very proud instructor to see my dedication and hard work pay off."

Sanjida Faiza, Assistant Coach, added "It's been a memorable year with success from all aspects of taekwondo, showcasing the variety of talent in the club! There is a lot of potential and it's an exciting time for the club! Would not be possible without the support from family and friends and the expertise and motivation Jason offers!"

Photos: 5 Black Belts: (L-R) Gill Fletcher, David Thompson, Aidan Taylor-Bierwas, Elliott Whipday, Jake Taylor-Bierwas and Jason Mayoh 4th Dan Black Belt Chief Instructor JM Taekwondo.

3rd Dan Back Belts: (L-R) Taekwondo Masters with Tony Nolan, Sanjida Faiza and Jason Mayoh 4th Dan Black Belt Chief Instructor JM Taekwondo.