Drivers urged to be considerate when dropping off and collecting children from high school

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Parents have been asked to be considerate when dropping off and collection their children from Wilmslow High School.

In a newsletter to parents the school said "The turning circle outside of the House of Rompa nursery can be very busy at peak drop-off and collection times and we greatly appreciate the consideration, patience and polite approach of the majority of visitors. However, recently there have been a few occasions when a small number of visitors have generated verbal disputes or caused safety concerns as a result of their actions."

When entering the school from the A34 bypass drivers are urged to pull to the side when dropping off and collecting students, not double-park around the turning circle and not use the entrance to the 6th form car park as a drop-off, waiting, collection or turning point.

The newsletter says "There is a high volume of traffic, both entering and leaving the site, that tends to still be decelerating from the permitted bypass speed limit or accelerating as it leaves the school site. Additional unnecessary pedestrian and vehicle traffic crossing the road at that point increases the likelihood of an accident and can hamper the flow of vehicles into the school site from the bypass, leading to increased congestion in all approaches to the A34 roundabout."

Referring to those who wait or park in local residential streets the school said "We politely request that those drivers choosing to park or wait in neighbouring residential streets, particularly at the very busy peak drop-off and collection times, do so in a way that is legal and which is considerate to the residents of those streets, seeking to minimise inconvenience to them by not directly blocking driveways or obstructing the reasonable flow of traffic on those streets.

"Again, we greatly appreciate the consideration of the majority of drivers, and thank you for your co- operation with this matter."

Wilmslow High School


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Roger Bagguley
Wednesday 15th November 2017 at 9:24 am
This problem taken as a whole has been going on for some time and increases school year upon year. The site of the school is a part of the whole Local Plan site 54 which is dominated in planning by what Royal London is wanting. With this company now moving to Alderley Park a big opportunity arrises to rethink what happens here. The access to the whole site needs to be off the A34 bypass and not from Alderley Road. This will then provide for a one way system feeding all new developments and solve all of the traffic issues currently generated by the school.

The Local Plan requires additional secondary school places to be provided for Wilmslow young people. There is room on this site for expansion but not without the necessary infrastructure, access and traffic flow through the site being an urgent issue to resolve. A one way system offers a solution, the best of which will be as suggested accessing from the bypass before the railway bridge and exiting at the school roundabout.
Helen Battilana
Wednesday 15th November 2017 at 4:06 pm
Unusually, I walked along Holly Rd North and Broadway this week, just as it was 'School's Out'. I was shocked by the utter mayhem that prevailed, with numerous cars parked on both sides of the road (and across the verges) causing dangerous obstruction to all road users and pedestrians. Lots of bad-tempered tooting of car horns too. The local residents have my sympathy, but the accident risk for the students is my greatest concern.
Roger Bagguley
Wednesday 15th November 2017 at 7:24 pm
Helen. You see it for yourself. Now picture at the same time this is going on at the roundabout on the A34 bypass and on Prestbury Road and Leaside. The future of se├žondary education for Wilmslow young people is at an advanced stage and our local councillors and other stake holders need to grasp this nettle and bring about a solution sooner rather than later. You have accurately described the situation as it exists today. It will get worse year on year.

As a footnote I am told the school feels an urgent need to have this situation addressed too. For the sake of all of our young people as many people as possible need to campaign for the school to come first in determining the future development of LPS site 54, not Royal London.
Len Blackman
Friday 17th November 2017 at 9:13 am
As a hapless, unhappy and frustrated immediate neighbour of Wilmslow High School may I add my comments to this debate.

My home is immediately adjacent to the main High School entrance. Our adjacent Holly Rd. North/Broadway roads are regularly gridlocked, congested with cars/coaches. Many of us are daily inconvenienced by cars parked, with no regard for local neigbours, across our entrances preventing/delaying access. These are not only limited to school start/finishing times but include frequent evening disturbances on parent/teacher evenings. Also the early,
4:00/5:00am arrivals of coaches and attendant parents departing on foreign trips.

With, as I accept, an inevitable increase in the High School community in years ahead l urge all those involved in forward planning of our infrastructure to take serious regard of the affects on the Schools immediate neighbours.

I urge all concerned to take urgent respect of the proposal put forward by Mr. R. Bagguley of Residents of Wilmslow to consider developing improved access to the school via the A34 by-pass. This should give some considerable relief to our quieter local roads and town centre.