Plans for Wilmslow Community Hub move forward


Two Wilmslow organisations have submitted an outline bid to Cheshire East Council for the rental of the Old Stables located in the Leisure Centre car park.

Transition Wilmslow and The Wilmslow Trust think the Old Stables, which is one of the few remaining historic buildings in the town centre and has been vacant for years, could be converted into a great community hub, providing a meeting place for local groups.

Cheshire East Council has recently advertised that the building is available for rent so members of the Wilmslow Trust and Transition Wilmslow visited the building which they ascertained was generally quite sound, but would require some renovation and repair to make it usable.

Pippa Jones explained "It's well placed on the walk into town from the station, and an upgraded building could really add to the appearance of that part of town.

"We have written to all Wilmslow town councillors and our Wilmslow Cheshire East councillors, and we have now heard back from four of them, all supportive. We have already made contact with the Wilmslow Partnership and we intend to raise the future use of the Old Stables and the need for community facilities in the forthcoming consultations on the proposed Neighbourhood plan."

Transition Wilmslow and The Wilmslow Trust have identified that there is space for a meeting room that could seat 30-40 people, which would double up as an exhibition space for information on our local heritage including exhibitions on the Lindow Man and Alan Turing. It could also serve as a venue for the town's very successful Art Trail and for local artists and makers to exhibit and sell their work.

The building does have plumbing and there is also a small kitchen area, together with room for an office and storage.

Pippa continued "We have not yet heard from CEC, but will let you know as soon as we do. We'd love to hear from anyone who would be interested in getting involved with this venture; to work, it needs to have the backing of the whole community, so we would love to hear from you if you have any ideas about how best to take this idea forward."

Transition Wilmslow and The Wilmslow Trust would really like to know what you think and hear your ideas for a Wilmslow Community Hub.

Pippa added "This needs to be a real community initiative, with people contributing their ideas. It will only work if local people want it to. We will let you know how Cheshire East respond, and we will keep you informed of developments as they happen."

Please use the comment box below to share your thoughts about creating a Wilmslow Community Hub.

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Terry Roeves
Wednesday 30th March 2016 at 2:48 pm
Let's hope that WTC can organize some of the s106 money sloshing around CEC doing nothing. I'm sure that they will know how to jump through the hoops.
This is an excellent project for Wilmslow in so many ways. Thank you to all who are making this happen.