Work nearly finished for very large lorries driving to and from Lindow Moss


For several weeks residents of Moor Lane and Cumber Lane in Wilmslow have seen very large wagons travelling to and from the Lindow Moss peat farm site and may have wondered for how much longer these journeys would be going on.

This has been a busy two-way process to prepare the site on Moor Lane for the construction of 14 new homes.
A specialist remediation company has been removing the peat base material which will be processed and reused.

This is being replaced with layers of clean inert material which is necessary before any house foundation work can begin.

There has recently been a lot of additional heavy traffic along Moor Lane and Cumber Lane but that is now almost finished. The developer has told me that this remediation work should be completed by next Friday 8th July.

Guest post by Councillor Iain Macfarlane.

Lindow Moss


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Howard Piltz
Wednesday 29th June 2022 at 4:43 pm
The grant of planning permission at this site is deplorable, apparently as a way of getting the bog restored. Local residents have been caused nightmares over the volume of heavy lorries using local roads and damage to the extreme end of Moor Lane where and very tight corner and water course are at serious risk. Additional traffic can be expected from builders and eventually residents on roads that are patently obviously unsuitable.
Cheshire East Council has a lot to answer for and local councillors seem quite impotent.
Frank Maltby
Wednesday 29th June 2022 at 5:03 pm
And then what???

More wagons to create even more havoc, and more damage to an unsuitable country lane!
Manuel Golding
Friday 1st July 2022 at 1:44 pm
Councilor Iain Macfarlane (RoW) is to be congratulated and thanked for his unceasing efforts to resolve the Lindow Peat Bog issue. Unfortunately, and as we all should realise, dealing with such organisations as Cheshire East Council is akin to pushing peat uphill towards reaching a suitable result. To Iain's credit he has not flinched or given up when attempting solutions to the local problems relating to this site. It seems that Iain has now reached a solution to the first major intrusion to local residents i.e lorries taking the peat away so that the site can be made suitable for the next phase of its redevelopment for housing.
Residents of Wilmslow (RoW) councilors are all committed to ensuring Wilmslow and our residents' concerns are at the forefront of what we wish to achieve for Wilmslow, that is to ensure it is a vibrant and attractive place to live and work in.
Emma Stansfield
Wednesday 6th July 2022 at 6:54 pm
I have to say, that putting up with 30+ wagons rumbling past your house every day and at some times one every 3 or 4 minutes (I kept a record for a day last week)is not great, as well as mounting pavements to get past each other when 2 wagons met and not slowing down for on coming vehicles is not great.

I phoned PP O'Connor and expressed my concern, they wanted photographic evidence, I had one of one wagon half on the path to pass another wagon, they then stopped for a chat, so I had time to take it. The reg plates were not clear enough, so no good. Got fed up again today and sent a longer email, the response is a logistics manager is coming out to assess the situation, probably too late though.

I have to say we need to be saving our wild areas and re wilding not putting more stress on our ever dwindling natural environment
Jerry Dixon
Tuesday 19th July 2022 at 9:29 am
There is a procession of massive lorries again today, yet this was due to finish 11 days ago. Anyone know why?

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