Park benches damaged by barbecues

Visitors to The Carrs have unfortunately damaged a number of the picnic benches by placing barbecues on them.

Councillor Mick Warren, chair of Cheshire East Council's environment and communities committee, said: "Six picnic benches have been damaged at The Carrs, as a result of people bringing disposable barbecues to the park. "Unfortunately, two of the six benches had to be removed while the remaining four have been repaired using undamaged slats from the benches that we couldn't save.

"The damage of picnic benches at the park is not just as a result of the recent Jubilee celebrations – some of the damage occurred during lockdown when people less familiar with using parks visited. A bench costs £1,000 to be replaced.

"We welcome all visitors to The Carrs, however we encourage people to enjoy the space responsibly."

A spokesperson for Friends of The Carrs recently said "Very sad to see so much damage caused to the picnic area in The Carrs over the last few days. The tables are clearly labelled "No Barbecues"... Perhaps the damage is deliberate? Whatever, they will now have to be removed and who knows if they will be ever be replaced?"



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Marcia McGrail
Wednesday 15th June 2022 at 5:14 pm
It beggars belief that someone would be ignorant of the fact that wood ignites when heated or perhaps can’t read? So it occurs to those of us whose hard earned cash produces resources such as park benches that the damage is deliberate. A pox on such people because that’s the only kind of consequence we can call upon.
Laurie Atterbury
Friday 17th June 2022 at 7:43 am
Marcia, I think the damage is more severe because they are made of recycled plastic that melts. If they were timber they might just get away with scorch marks.The people that do this are idiots.
Jean Berman
Friday 17th June 2022 at 6:05 pm
Why on Earth don’t you build some brick blocks so people can use a barbecue without causing damage and it would’ve be a lot safer. Also you state that the tables would cost a £1000 each to replace. I suggest you shop around and even if you had them made by a reputable Joyner they wouldn’t cost £1000 each. I think you need some new housekeeping but then we are looking at Cheshire East

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