Handforth Scouts build planters at Handforth Station

The 1st Handforth Scouts have built and installed two new planters at Handforth Station.

All four of the planters can be seen behind the fence on the Manchester-bound platform, and will be displaying shrubs, perennial flowers and annuals throughout the year.

The planters were designed by the Friends of Handforth Station, and the first two were built and installed by FoHS members Roger Small and Ian Ball.

1st Handforth Scouts constructed the second two planters in their Scout Hut, overseen by FoHS members and the Scout leaders, and then some of the Scouts filled and planted them at the station on Saturday 30th October. They are all built of timber bought with a financial contribution from Handforth Town Council.

FoHS's Hugh Everett, who supervised the installation, said "We were delighted that the Scouts could contribute towards the station and include our work in their busy programme.

"Our plans for Handforth Station include a landscaping and vegetation scheme and, in the limited space next to the northbound platform, these planters aim to provide welcoming colour and interest."

Sarah Templeton is leader of the 1st Handforth Scouts and worked with them at the station.

She added "The Friends of Handforth Station first asked us last year whether we would like to help build some planters for display, but unfortunately Covid lockdowns meant we were limited to only online scouting for an extended period of time. Now we can to run our regular meetings again, our scouts were delighted that they managed to build and install the planters this autumn.

"They learned new skills for life in the areas of carpentry and horticulture contributing towards several scout badges, and are excited to know that their work will now be seen by the users of Handforth Station for many years."

The new planters currently hold some varied winter flowers, and have also been planted with daffodil, tulip and crocus bulbs ready for Spring 2022.

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Terry Roeves
Wednesday 3rd November 2021 at 3:14 pm
Excellent quality to lift the frontage of Handforth Town Station.
Well done 1st Handforth Scouts!