Winners of 2021 Wilmslow Scarecrow Festival announced

The results of the 11th Wilmslow scarecrow festival have been announced by Wilmslow Dean Rotary.

The cup for the overall winner was presented to Caroline Luther for her Mary Poppins scarecrow, with the Residents of Carrs Court winning the prize in the Groups and Organisations section for their 5 mop head scarecrows. Whilst the "Schools" Cup was presented to the Garden Nursery at Wilmslow Prep School for their Zebra scarecrow.

As a result of the Covid pandemic, Wilmslow Dean Rotary had agreed to use the Scarecrow Festival to raise funds to support mental health in the local community.

Around £1,600 has been contributed by the festival, however, because the various lockdowns had prevented a number of Rotary projects in the area going ahead in the last year and a half, Wilmslow Dean Rotary has decided allocate £4,000 to support initiatives that help peoples mental health in the

local community. In addition, Rotary this year is spending £2,500 on other local projects which will help people's mental health and well being.

The President of Wilmslow Dean Rotary, Sue Worthington said that Rotary was grateful for the support received, and that whilst we are aware of a number of organisations and bodies that support initiatives that help to improve mental health locally, there were probably other groups who do this that we are unaware of. If any readers are aware of such bodies, Rotary would like to hear from you."

This can be done by emailing [email protected] or ringing Sue on 07793 581221.

She added "Next year we hope to combine the best of previous Scarecrow Festivals with the approach we have adopted this year, so that when it is held, probably towards the end of June, Scarecrows will be displayed in businesses and housing areas all over the district, brightening the area and raising money for good causes."

Wilmslow Scarecrow Festival


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David Smith
Wednesday 1st September 2021 at 7:08 pm
Well done all involved. Good to have some brightness and lightheartedness in town after Covid. Which photograph shows the winning scarecrows?
Marianne Martyn
Thursday 2nd September 2021 at 8:49 am
David Smith,
The overall winner was Mary Poppins shown on her balcony at the Wilmslow View apartments opposite Tesco Express in Handforth. Carrs Court opposite Waitrose made 5 scarecrows out of mop heads! They are shown in the other two pictures.