Local celebrities urge everyone to have the jab as nearly 10,000 vaccinated

A host of local celebrities who have recently had their COVID-19 jab at Wilmslow Health Centre have urged everyone to have the vaccine.

Actor and comedian Les Dennis had his vaccination recently and said he didn't feel anything.

The 67-year-old said "I've just had my jab and I know there are a lot of people who are weary and nervous but please don't be. It's very simple, I hardly felt anything. I didn't even notice it and it's so important for us to support our NHS and get our lives back on track so we can do all the lovely wonderful things and see our family, the people we are missing so much.

"If you are really really worried about it I beg you not to be. It's the right thing to do please get the vaccination."

Actress Sue Johnston, 77, who is best known for playing Barbara Royle in The Royle Family and Sheila Grant in Brookside, posed for the camera after having her jab.

She said "My relief was enormous. A step back to our old lives. To all we love & have missed. I urge everyone to have the vaccine. This way we can look to the future."

Singer and actor Noddy Holder, who also had his COVID-19 vaccination at Wilmslow Health Centre recently, said "Everyone getting the vaccine is the ONLY WAY to defeat the virus."

Dr Amar Ahmed, Partner at Wilmslow Health Centre, said "Whilst uptake of the vaccine in our area has been great, there are still pockets of vaccine hesitancy so any endorsements of the vaccination program are extremely helpful.

"We would ask that anyone who is still worried about receiving the vaccine talk to knowledgeable people who they can trust and ignore the misinformation that is so prevalent on social media."

Approximately 1600 doses of the vaccine were received last week with over 1400 patients being vaccinated across the Primary Care Network( PCN) which covers Chelford, Handforth, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow (CHAW) - which takes the total number of people vaccinated so far by GP surgeries in CHAW to just under 10,000.

Another 1100 doses are being received tomorrow (Monday, 22nd February) and over 1200 patients will be vaccinated over Tuesday and Wednesday at Wilmslow Health Centre.

Dr Amar Ahmed added "We are currently vaccinating Cohort 6* It is difficult to predict when we can move to Cohort 7** but probably within 2 weeks."

*Cohort 6 - all individuals aged 16 years to 64 years with underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk of serious disease and mortality
**Cohort 7 - all those 60 years of age and over.


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