Plans for revamp of Adlington Road petrol station


Plans have been submitted to demolition the sales building at the Shell Petrol station on Adlington Road and replacement with a larger, modern building.

In addition, the canopy link is to be removed, creating a more open forecourt with the provision of eight car parking spaces including one accessible space, plus a space for a future electric vehicle charging point which is subject to further investigation into the existing electricity supply to the site to ensure it is sufficient to provide high power charges.
The new sales building will have a total floor area of 270 sqm replacing the existing sales building of 87 sqm and be modern in design with a glazed front elevation. Internally, there will be washroom facilities, including changing and disabled facilities.

A storage compound is included to the south of the sales building which will accommodate bin storage and plant as required.

The plans can be viewed on the Cheshire East Council planning portal by searching for planning reference 20/2381M.



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Nik Eastwood
Wednesday 22nd July 2020 at 9:49 am
its about time, this is a petrol station that has rarely had any impovements over the years, it doesnt even have an ATM which is unusual for a Shell station.
Peter Davenport
Thursday 30th July 2020 at 9:08 am
This development is interesting, as there are no Police comments about accidents, nor any about safety from the Council department, whose remit it is.
Also, in my opinion, the exit from the filling station exit, particularly, going in the Wilmslow/Deane Row direction is not safe for the following reason. To exit, the car is at an 0blique angle to the road, and to look to your right, to see what approaches, as the exit is on a curve, means that one has to turn your head to its extremities to the right, and one cannot see much in this state, so one takes pot luck. It is obvious from the pictures in the Application this situation. As regards the presentation submitted, the one from Cadent is a disgrace, as most of it is written as now shown,
b=Du7hYyBTE46Ox9nb5BK359S8jkvtfWHOq3dU+k3j1UhxuJxcQXDB/gzty9IH+NcgnnQHIw2pUwdzfgqfUd , which is totally unintelligeable , so important details are omitted. I believe a large gas main nearby.Extremely helpful for the taxpayers, who finance the Council. Also. there is a drawing of the plans for the site, which is a disgrace, as to read any figures for dimensions, etc, they pixelate and are illegible.
In my opinion, as virtually a professional pdf creator, it is about time Cheshire East told all developers to use a standard setup for applications to make it easier for the tax payers to understand, that is they want them to. I have no doubt that this will fall on deaf ears, as usual
Jon Armstrong
Thursday 30th July 2020 at 10:02 am
The text you mention on the Cadent document is just the headers from the email... technical information every email has but is usually hidden from the user by default. For whatever reason whoever in the council has saved and uploaded it has included them here, but there is nothing missing from the message which begins after the headers end midway down page 4.

I'm not sure which of the plans you're having trouble with pixelating. All the measurements appeared clearly when I zoomed on them.