Bus services reduced or suspended during coronavirus lockdown


D&G Bus company is currently operating a revised bus timetable due to the reduction in passenger numbers due to the coronavirus lockdown.

A spokesperson for D&G Bus said "This is a difficult time for all, and the world changed with the announcement of a national lockdown. Passenger numbers have fallen to 15% or less of normal numbers. With the help of Local Authority partners, and our staff who are being magnificent, we continue to provide a reduced service on most routes.

"We are following government advice at all times to ensure the safety of our staff and passengers. Currently we are in no danger of closing down and ceasing operations."

Service 88 is currently operating to a reduced timetable with five buses a day running between Altrincham, Wilmslow, Mobberley, Knutsford and Macclesfield. Whilst the reverse route from Macclesfield to Altrincham is running either five or six buses a day Monday to Saturday.

Click here to review the revised timetable.

Whilst the 130 service between Macclesfield, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow and Handforth has been temporarily suspended.

Cllr Mark Goldsmith will be printing out copies of the current timetable and sticking them up today or tomorrow at the bus stops, as D&G Bus has not put the new timetables up.

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Gemma Evans
Monday 20th April 2020 at 10:17 am
Updating bus stops is the responsibility of Transport Service Solutions (Cheshire East Council.) Given Cllr Mark Goldsmith sits on Cheshire East council he should be well aware of this!

The council are currently saying timetables can change at very short notice so if you need to make an essential journey e.g. get to the shops, a medical appointment or work then you should check with the operator before travelling.
Gillian Slater
Monday 20th April 2020 at 12:07 pm
Transport Service Solutions could possibly arrange for the bus stops to be cleaned while they are so quiet.

I know it would be very much appreciated. One could almost say it is necessary at the moment with the appropriate gear.
Paul Maddock
Wednesday 22nd April 2020 at 4:10 pm
Yet more erosion of the 130 bus service.
After quietly dropping the Saturday service, despite CEC funding, it seems this stopping of the only link between Handforth, Colshaw and our only local general hospital, is just the pre-cursor to the eventual withdrawal of the Mon - Fri Service once the lockdown restrictions are relaxed.
Do we have any confirmation from anyone at either D&G or CEC that this vital Hospital link will be maintained?
Gemma Evans
Wednesday 22nd April 2020 at 5:27 pm
Current line from both Cheshire East and D&G Bus is that all planned service changes have been postponed for now and that services which have temporarily suspended or reduced will be reinstated when the lockdown is lifted.

Cheshire East council were given extra money by the government to improve bus services but it sounds like they may be using that money to keep limited services running during the lockdown.
Jonathan Follows
Thursday 11th June 2020 at 2:35 pm
There is a limited 130 bus service operating, apparently it started up again on Monday 8th. June and details are available at http://www.dgbus.co.uk/assets/sk130_2020-06-08.pdf. The CEC Web site has no information on this service, but perhaps that's because the rate of change of bus services is a bit too high at the moment?