Giant digital Christmas tree lights up Gorsey Bank

As part of international computing week, pupils at Gorsey Bank Primary School created a collaborative spectacular in the school hall on Friday, 12th December.

Computing Lead Ian Trueman, who organised the event, said "KS2 children worked with KS1 children, teaching them how to create an animated Christmas image. KS2 also took part in computer programming, creating a section of a Christmas tree which when put together created a giant digital Christmas tree.

"Children programmed different shapes to, pulsate, flash, whirl and rotate on a green background. Laptops were then arranged in the school hall on a tiered stage to create the visual effect of a tree with brightly coloured lights and shapes. Surrounding the 'digital' tree were the animated images, displayed on iPads."

Deputy Head Joe Maguire added "Coding and programming are now core elements of the Primary computing curriculum and this is actually providing very exciting opportunities for both staff and pupils. We've been developing this across the school for well over a year now and are finding the pupils to be incredibly inspired by the idea of using technology to create anything from games and animations to actually writing their own apps (which our Year 6s are currently doing as part of the Apps for Good programme).

"What's great about programming is that it's not just about using computers or being 'technological', it's about problem solving and logical reasoning - Steve Jobs once said that everyone should learn how to programme a computer because it 'teaches you how to think'."

Gorsey Bank


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Oliver Romain
Tuesday 16th December 2014 at 8:23 pm
Looks fantastic well done KS2 and Mr Trueman. Is there a video of the tree on action?