Wilmslow Preparatory School

Grove Avenue, Wilmslow, SK9 5EG

  • A small independent co-ed preparatory school with a big reputation
  • Welcomes children aged 3 to 11 years old
  • Located in the heart of Wilmslow, Cheshire
  • School tours and free taster days
  • Small class sizes
  • Stimulating outdoor learning space
  • An all-round education with a programme of sport, music, arts and extracurricular activities
  • Partnership with The King's School in Macclesfield provides an additional route for entry into King's Senior Division, and access to sports grounds, swimming pool, as well as impressive facilities for the performing arts

At Wilmslow Prep, each pupil is nurtured as an individual, and encouraged and inspired to achieve their very best, inside and outside the classroom.

The key to success at WPS is the Wilmslow Prep Pathway - a unique approach, which is divided into four key phases. The phases ensure that your child has an inspiring start to their education, ensuring the best preparation for senior school, whilst giving them every opportunity to shine in their own areas of talent along the way...

Phase 1 - Discovery
Kindergarten and Reception

Let school life begin! In the Discovery phase, your child starts their love of learning through exploration, work and play in a small, kind, friendly, nurturing and well-resourced environment.

Phase 2 - Strong Core
Prep 1 and 2

In the Strong Core phase, children transition from play based learning to a more formal learning environment, strengthening their independence and learning processes ready for entry to juniors.

Phase 3 - Extending Boundaries
Prep 3 and 4

In the Extending Boundaries phase, the pace and challenge step up. WPS extend the boundaries of each child's potential and start the preparation for senior school selection.

Phase 4 - Senior Transition
Prep 6

In the final phase of the Wilmslow Prep Pathway, they build on the prior phases, accelerating the emphasis on tailored teaching for each pupil, which means that your child has a choice of senior school that is right for them at 11.

Underpinning every phase of the Pathway is close communication and partnership with parents. A successful partnership between the school and the parent body forms the basis for pupils to thrive.

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