Teens targeted in series of town centre robberies

Local residents are becoming increasing concerned about robberies within the Wilmslow area, particularly involving teenagers.

Within recent months Wilmslow Police have made three significant arrests in relation to offenders believed to be responsible for a number of robberies in the town centre.

A police spokesperson said "Investigations in to these incidents are still ongoing.

"We would like to provide some reassurance that we are actively looking at this issue and provide the following personal safety advice:

"Criminals don't see your mobile, jewellery, bike or wallet as personal property – they see them as a quick way to make some cash, so it pays to be mindful of security when out and about. Being vigilant, not advertising your valuables and keeping to well-lit areas are just some of the steps you can take to avoid becoming a robber's quick payday.

"Remember to stick with your mates when you can, a robber often won't view two or more people as an easy target so sticking with a group can be a great deterrent. If you're out on your own, try and walk in more populated and illuminated areas."

"Security mark your items and register your property for free online with services such as 'Immobilise' and 'Bike Register'."

The spokesperson continued "If you are threatened by a person, scream and shout or set off a personal attack alarm to startle the attacker giving you vital seconds to escape. Try to make note of details such as registration plates, clothing, height etc. and then report the incident to the police."



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James MacDonald
Saturday 16th December 2017 at 7:48 pm
Yes, report to the police and then wait several weeks for a response to say they can’t do anything.
Martin Kitchin
Wednesday 20th December 2017 at 8:21 pm
Hi James MacDonald,

You express concerns that the police are slow to react and offer no solution to problems ?

Well, everybody has different personal experiences I guess but our experience is different to yours.

Summerfields Village Mews residents recently had issues with vandalism and anti social behaviour being carried out by packs of juveniles.

We found Cheshire police to be actually very responsive on the night it happened.

And since then, residents have 'banded together' & with the local management company, are now enhancing security to deter reoccurence.