Council says controversial garden village will bring new homes and opportunities

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Cheshire East Council has welcomed the government's backing for 14 garden village developments across the UK, including a scheme at Handforth.

The emerging master plans for the North Cheshire Garden Village, which will be subject to planning approvals, could see the development of some 1,650 new homes on Green Belt land on the eastern edge of Handforth. The scheme includes affordable and starter homes for young people, family houses and tailored accommodation for older people.

It will also include 'self-build housing plots' for those who want to design and construct their own homes.

Councillor Jamie Macrae, chairman of Engine of the North, the council-owned company which is developing the masterplan, said: "This is an innovative approach to residential development, which will lead to new and sustainable communities complete with the required infrastructure, such as schools, health facilities and sports and leisure amenities.

"We are pleased the government has given the green light to this concept of development and we feel the site at Handforth is an ideal location.

"There is a need for new homes in the borough and across the country as a whole."

The 102 hectare site is situated off the A34 to the east of Handforth Dean, and has been allocated within the council's updated Local Plan, which has broadly been endorsed by the planning inspector.

Seventy hectares of land are owned by the council and Engine of the North will work in collaboration with adjoining landowners and stakeholders to bring forward this village development.

The Council says the garden village would involve areas of green landscaping with trees and open spaces, incorporating new green transport links, cycle ways to existing transport hubs, and nearby shopping centres.

Aerial view proposed site.

North Cheshire Garden Village


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Ryan Dance
Saturday 7th January 2017 at 10:42 pm
Excellent decision. Only caveat. Backup with local infrastructure investment e.g schools
Stuart Redgard
Sunday 8th January 2017 at 12:02 am

Exactly the point I made to the Inspector at the hearing.
Roger Bagguley
Sunday 8th January 2017 at 8:52 pm
The inspector has not approved this Growth Village yet but the Governent has without any consultation at any level we are aware of. As Stuart has pointed out the lack of infrastructure detail was made by him to Mr Pratt, Goverment Inspector, and on many occasions during the LP process, by many others too.

Good to read Ryan has concerns too. I am assuming he has taken in the context of another 6500 houses coming to us within the GMC draft Plan.
Kahkashan Rani
Wednesday 11th January 2017 at 10:44 pm
I happy with the idea of new plot idea because I am one of that kind of family who's looking for a family house with my own design and according to my needs but I am really concern about is their any one in council who think about any more high school in wilmslow any grammar school , because all state grammar schools are in Manchester and we are not catchment because we are living in this area , most of us can't afford to send our kids in private schools ... would anybody raise a voice for more high school in wilmslow area not just sports school more academic kind of high school ..... so our kids can have better choice for their future......???? Big question mark
Fiona Doorbar
Thursday 12th January 2017 at 7:20 am
These proposals should not be considered for passing without the provision been made for school places and medical facilities being improved. Wilmslow high is about to have its budget slashed by over 150k so I cannot imagine the council coughing up to afford either a new school facility or drastic expansion to an already tight on space school (WHS)....very worrying times indeed
Graham Shaw
Thursday 12th January 2017 at 9:27 am
I wonder if all those 'locals' in favour of this decision will be happy in a few years time when the area around the A34 becomes totally gridlocked for hours each morning and evening as all the extra traffic from these thousands of houses tries to get on and off the road to get to and form work and school?

Anyone who travels along the stretch of A34 from Gatley / M60 junction down to Handforth Dean shopping area will already tell you that at peak times it is a nightmare and that's without all these extra houses. The southbound slip road off the M60 is already full to bursting at night and sometimes you have to queue on the motorway itself.

I'm not against extra housing all I want is for them to be built in the right areas and where proper infrastructure (roads, schools, shops, jobs opportunities, etc) exists or is built alongside them.

Sometimes I think it's just all about building houses because that's a Gov't target (whereas schools have taken a back seat for now) and there is no common sense approach or joined up thinking across boundaries (i.e. Gtr Manchester / Stockport / Handforth / Wilmslow).

This is utter madness and will come back to haunt us all.