Plan to help shape the future of Wilmslow progressing well


As part of the process to create a Neighbourhood Plan for the town, Wilmslow Town Council sent out an initial questionnaire to local residents.

They received 1100 responses to the questionnaire, which they felt was "very positive". Of those responses 70% came from residents and 30% reflected the views of businesses and non-residents.

Respondents were asked: What three topics are most important to you?; What 3 things do you like about Wilmslow?; What 3 things do you dislike about Wilmslow? and What 3 things would you improve about Wilmslow?

Speaking at the Wilmslow Town Council a few weeks ago, Matthew Jackson, Town Clerk, said "The group has been working with that raw data and has been categorising it into the nine sections that were identified at the top of the questionnaire."

Towards the end of the questionnaire respondents were invited to make comments and suggestions which have now been transferred from paper into electronic format.

Matthew continued "The group have been analysing 8000 lines of data and working through that to try and make sense of this data and get it sorted."

The data is being split into the following categories: town centre, leisure, natural environment, transport, education, employment, health services and community.

He added "They are the process of writing summaries of each of these ten categories which have been identified and from that they need to move into the next phrase which is effectively trying to come up with some objectives and draft policies.

"How quickly we get to that is currently under discussion but there is quite a lot of work going on in the Neighbourhood Plan Group. There is a good bunch of people involved who have been doing some good work so hopefully that will continue to progress over the next few months and we'll have more to report."

The Neighbourhood Plan Group meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the United Reformed Church, starting at 7pm. These are public meetings should anyone wish to attend.

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Clive Cooksey
Wednesday 12th October 2016 at 2:40 pm
OMG help! The blue sky thinkers are back again ~~or did they never go away! Messy Meddlers Committee would be a good title for them