Wilmslow High celebrates GCSE success

Wilmslow High students are celebrating their GCSE success today, with 63% of students having achieved 5 or more A* - C grades, including English and Maths, and 76% of Year 11 achieving 5 or more A*- C grades.

29% of entries resulted in A or A* grades, 10% of which were at A*, and 39 students (13% of Year 11) achieved at least 8 A or A* grades. 99% of students achieved at least one GCSE pass.

Among the star performers was Caitlin McAndry who achieved a clean sweep with 11 A*, Georgina Clee who achieved 10 A* and 3 A including additional (FSMQ) mathematics and Tom McIntosh who achieved 9 A* and A in additional (FSMQ) mathematics.

Tom, who is going on to study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry, said "I am really happy and got what I wanted. It means I can go on to sixth form without any issues, it is a good indication of whether I'll be able to handle A Levels."

Other high achievers include Francesca McKendrick (9A*), Rachel Stoner (9 A* and 3A including additional (FSMQ) mathematics), Nicola Lythe (8 A* and A in additional (FSMQ) mathematics), Oscar Henery (7 A*, 2 A and 2 B), Ava Johnston: 8 A* and 3 A) and Saskia Swatland (7 A*, 2 A and 2 B).

Saif Khan achieved 2 Distinctions, 3 A* and 5 A and plans to take Physics, Maths, Geography and History A Levels. He told wilmslow.co.uk "I am really relieved, it was hard work."

Whilst Iona Darrach got 4A*, 4A and a B will got on to the sixth form to study Art, PE and Biology. She said "I am really pleased. I just wanted to pass them all really."

Mrs Gill Bremner, Headteacher, congratulated students taking GCSEs in 2014 on their achievements.

She said "We have been working hard with Year 11 to ensure they achieve the best possible GCSE results in a context of rapid change and short-notice national adjustments to examination arrangements. Although results are lower nationally for the second year running, we are very pleased with the results our students achieved and delighted to have maintained high levels of performance. 39 of our students achieved 8 A*/A grades and 10% of our GCSE grades were at A*. Once again our students have demonstrated their commitment to learning and we offer them and their parents our congratulations.

"As well as congratulating students and thanking them for their hard work I would like to note the contribution they have made to the life of the school in sport, outdoor pursuits, public speaking, music, drama, dance, art and the many other areas of achievement and creativity in which they have excelled over the last five years.

"I am sure all students would want me to thank their parents and the school staff on their behalf for the support they have given students to help them to achieve so much in their examinations."

GCSE Results, Wilmslow High School


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Terry Roeves
Tuesday 26th August 2014 at 10:48 am
I am always heartened by the annual results, despite the nation slipping down the international league table.
The higher the expectation, often the greater the result. Adults worry, some even whinge, at tougher examinations. Stuff and nonsense! Providing clear evidence of superior capabilities is a great start to a career.
Our country has an almost open door to goods and services from anywhere in the world. Competing and achieving a good quality of life does need all of us to be good at something and not relying on the hard work of others overseas. Proving it with tough examination passes shows courage and a healthy competitive spirit that will help the nation back to profit.
Ultimately we need to compete in the world, pay our way and prosper. Evidence at 16yrs of enthusiasm to learn is a great start. So congratulations and every success on your chosen future paths.