Children raise Big Questions at St. Anne’s

Big Questions

Pupils at St.Anne's Fulshaw Primary School recently spent the day thinking about 'Big Questions' inspired by the P4C ( philosophy for children) project.

Rather than the teacher asking a question, in a typical P4C enquiry, children are given a "stimulus" such as a story or picture book, and create their own questions in response. They seek out philosophical questions, ones that involve important ideas about which people can have different views, and then vote for the one they think will lead to the most fruitful discussion.

The questions which the children thought of included problems which have occupied some of the greatest minds in history. How do you know your dreams aren't real? Are you the same person today as you were yesterday? And is it fair to treat everybody the same?

Lucky classes 4 and 5 worked with Manchester poet Mike Garry for the day, after which he wrote on his twitter feed about the experience - "@stannesfulshaw Little heads full of big ideas, questions and answers confronting fears, language of the self aware, who said poetry was square".

Ms Clare Daniel, head teacher at St.Anne's Fulshaw commented "The children had a brilliant time considering deep questions, inspired artwork, deep philosophy and awesome poetry."

St Anne's Fulshaw Primary School


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Stuart Redgard
Sunday 4th May 2014 at 12:08 am
Well done St Annes. Great idea. Would like to see more of this type of lesson in schools. Reading, writing and arithmetic are important, but creative lessons such as this have already been lost in too many schools.