Wilmslow High oversubscribed as 152 pupils turned down


The local high school has proved so popular it is heavily oversubscribed, as a result a substantial number of applicants have been turned down for places starting this autumn.

Wilmslow High School has filled all 315 Year 7 places, for pupils starting in September 2014, and has had to reject 152 applicants. This is the highest number of unsuccessful applicants across the whole borough, followed by Poynton High School and Performing Arts College who received 310 applications for 246 places.

In total 3,747 pupils in Cheshire East applied for Year 7 places, with 97% being granted their first choice. Amongst the unlucky ones were 164 (4.4%) who were offered their second preference and 11 (0.3%) who were offered their third choice.

As spokesperson for Cheshire East Council said yesterday "Today is the closing date for accepting the place offered. We have already received a number of declines for Wilmslow High and within the next couple of days we will be compiling the waiting list and re allocating any vacancies. The waiting list is kept in criteria order not a "first come, first served" basis."

Do get in touch if your son or daughter has been turned down for Wilmslow High School at lisa@wilmslow.co.uk and let us know where they have been offered a place.

Wilmslow High School


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Nick Jones
Tuesday 18th March 2014 at 2:38 pm
Vey sad, but inevitable at some stage. Along with many other parents the oppourtunities and support this WHS has provided to students has been superb.
It will always have its critics, but there will always be more supporters. They have become unfortunate victims of their own success.

And when CEC has finished building new houses on the green belt nearby the demands on WHS will get greater. so expect more of the same in the future !
Rehana Hindle
Tuesday 18th March 2014 at 3:25 pm
So pleased the High School is so popular, and doing well, perhaps other schools in the Borough could help .
I hope they don't expand further on site, causing more traffic/litter and on Holly Road North , Parkway and Broadway. I collected 5 Costa Coffee cups just on Holly Road North yesterday, surely its not the children, then it must be the parents who park throwing litter out of the cars, other items include soft drinks bottles, and crisp packets. Builders working in the area - watch out I am on the lookout.
Also the speed at which the cars leave the school is worrying not only for safety WHS children but the rest of us
Look to improve the road safety and only having access from the bypass would be an idea or pedestrianisation - if the councillors are reading this.
Terry Roeves
Tuesday 18th March 2014 at 5:03 pm
There is funding in the Infrastructure plan associated with the core planning strategy for more class rooms. Seems like the crisis has hit us already.
No idea when the building work commences, but probably dependent on s106 funding from builders, as and when they build and sell. Even so, CEC have to borrow money to deliver the plan. Could be years away. Not impressed.
WHS is a great school, but there are physical limits to its capacity on this site. Build a sixth form college at Handforth East? It's council owned land. Or use one of the buildings at Aderley Park - ready made sports centre and playing fields?
Siobhan Mcdonald
Tuesday 18th March 2014 at 5:42 pm
My son was turned down from all 3 of his choices and offered a place at knutsford. My son is currently at Mobberley primary so isn't at a "feeder" school of wilmslow high but 3 of his friends got in?

Very disheartening as my son excels in sports and science which is why we chose this school. He has been predicted 5A for all of his SATs and works his bum off at school! It feels so unfair that he's been palmed off with a school he has no interest in attending when he was so passionate about starting high school when he thought it would be wilmslow. We have appealed and are on the "waiting list" but are sat in limbo with no updates and no clue what's happening with his future.
Simon Worthington
Thursday 20th March 2014 at 10:54 am
97% got their first choice!!!! 152 rejected by WHS, 64 by Poynton. Out of 3747 applicants that is 5.78% rejected by just two schools. What is the true figure of those that didn't get their first choice? Perhaps WHS, being so popular, should be a little more imaginative in its selection process. The school was told by the "council" several years ago not to apply for more planning permission. Since then at least one lot of classrooms has been built and the "special needs" centre has just been completed. I understand the school has realised there is more cash in offering this new extra facility than in being a "Sports Academy". The school is to big and verging on unmanageable, the no lockers business verges on total incompetence - no wonder so much stuff "goes missing". If their are not enough spaces in each school to take those who live within the catchment area then no more houses should be built until there are. Wouldn't the Waters factory site have made a wonderful site for a new school!!!
Thursday 20th March 2014 at 11:07 am
WHS appears to be not only a much sought after school but is from a complete outsiders viewpoint a most successful one also. Very well done to everyone who has a share of the responsibility for getting it and keeping it in this enviable position.
Would it not be true though to say that size matters? Too small and there are insufficient resources to gain momentum in all aspects of school life. Too big and lines of communication are weakened leading to loss of control leading to deteriorating standards and performance.
This is only a thought ,but I do hope that such thoughts are taken into account when those charged with the future of WHS are indeed considering the future.
Anna Thomas
Thursday 20th March 2014 at 11:48 pm
We are fortunate enough to have all 3 of our children either currently at or been through WHS. I would be interested to know though of the 152 turned down, where do they live? Are they out of catchment? Without wishing to set the cat among the pigeons, if you want your children to attend a particular school you need to make sure you live within catchment.
Terry Roeves
Friday 21st March 2014 at 9:37 am
Ask your CEC Councillor. He ought to have the facts. He did not attend the strategic review board meeting that voted in favour of the core plan that includes structural investments needed with the extra housing to ensure that there is sustainable development. The investment in class rooms at WHS is for 5 more at a cost of £3million from memory. At 30 pupils per, then even now, they are full.
You can phone him or email him. Details are on http://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk
If you live in Dean Row ward, then until May 2015 it's a Mr Whiteley. He doesn't live in Wilmslow but does come here from time to time.
Simon Worthington
Saturday 22nd March 2014 at 4:56 pm
If you follow the lead on the increase in classrooms and unlucky applicants there will be a need for 35 new classrooms over the seven year time those new entrants will be at WHS. That is without considering the huge number of new builds which (councillors take note) people with children may buy. This would increase the size of the school to 3,300 - over double the number it was intended for. Perhaps our benevolent local builder who kindly built us a much needed multi-storey car park could build us a school!!! The site opposite Handforth Dean would be perfect - on no, its earmarked for housing!!!
Helen Troup
Monday 24th March 2014 at 4:22 pm
Siobhan Mcdonald - I know it is very disppointing that your son didn't get in but I hope you realise it can't make any difference how how good or otherwise a pupil is academically. WHS is not a selective school and if it did chose pupils on this basis the decisions would be unlawful. I suspect your son's friends got places either because of special needs which WHS provides particular support for, or a family connection allowed by their admissions policy given that Mobberley is out of catchment and, if this is like other years, some children on the edge of catchment have probably missed out on places.