Parents call for urgent action to stop dangerous parking

Parents are calling for an end to dangerous parking around Ashdene Primary School, fearing that unless the culprits are forced to be more considerate an accident will happen.

The above photo was taken at approximately 9am on Monday, 25th November, and shows that one driver decided to pull up on the park off Gravel Lane and South Oak Lane when dropping off at the nearby primary school.

Louise Chrimes who took the pictures is absolutely furious, and along with other parents, is calling on the Council and Police to help resolve the problem.

She said "It's not the parking I suppose, it's the fact they had to drive through the park to get to that point!

"This is just one example of the awful situation we have at Ashdene. As a mother of two and a childminder, the safety of the children in my care is paramount. Roads are dangerous at the best of times, but when people are mounting pavements, double parking, abandoning cars in the park (!) it is increasingly difficult to keep pedestrians safe.

"The council and police need to do something about this urgently before it is too late. Something terrible is going to happen, the school has tried to be supportive and are constantly reminding parents to park safely but they are getting nowhere. It is getting worse. If it takes a child getting injured before action will be taken, then I hope many people will hang their heads in shame."

Helen Culwick, mother of two young children, aged three and five, who attend the pre-school and primary school, added "The road safety situation around Ashdene school is of major concern to many parents at the school and the neighbouring pre-school. It's being made worse by four building sites in close proximity to the school as well as at the school itself.

"This example is extreme but cars park up on kerbs and blocking junctions every morning and afternoon, and are making the approach to school hazardous. I worry that if things carry on like this it's more a question of 'when' than 'if' there will be an accident."

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Vince Chadwick
Tuesday 26th November 2013 at 12:51 pm
I wonder why it's typically these ludicrous behemoth 4x4 things (as in the picture above) whose drivers think this anti-social parking is OK? Could it be that they think 'might is right'? Do these vehicles attract a certain type of driver with a self-centered 'me! me!' mind set?
Nigel Slater
Tuesday 26th November 2013 at 1:37 pm
I see in this article there is no mention of the residents of Ashdene Road and Thoresway who's driveways are blocked and used for turning round or the pavements been blocked by cars almost upto the hedge so no one can pass. The school has imposed a one way system for parents to use on Ashdene Road with no consideration for residents who just wish to come and go without being told they are going the wrong way down their own road!! The person in the BMW pictures should be fined for parking on the park, this is what would happen to normal road users!! Or is it a case of the Chelsea tractor brigade getting away with it!! It needs dealing with by the school/Cheshire Council now!
Simon Worthington
Tuesday 26th November 2013 at 2:48 pm
One has to drive one's children to school to keep them safe from all the other people driving their children to school!
Perhaps if all the building and infill had not been allowed then Ashdene school would not be so large -over 400 children?
Surely the answer for schools is an exclusion zone where parking is forbidden at dropping off and
collection times.
No mention of the chaos on the bypass when the fit and healthy youths are collected by their mummies in case it rains!!
Helen Culwick
Tuesday 26th November 2013 at 3:04 pm
The fact that many people live near the school should be a good thing, Simon, as in theory children should be able to get there without a car. Some schools do have an exclusion zone type policy, called 'Stride and Ride' where parents are asked to drop off five minutes walk away. This can be done in partnership with local amenities/businesses who have spare capacity in the crunch times.

Regarding the need to drive as a way of avoiding the "other idiots" on the road, well unless you park next to the school front gate you will be a pedestrian for some part of your journey, so it is in everyone's interest to get this sorted out!
Elaine Richardson
Tuesday 26th November 2013 at 7:24 pm
This is not a unique problem at Ashdene! We have the same problem at Lacey Green and, while condemning people for driving their kids to school, maybe we should consider that they may have more than one child to drop off at different locations or, maybe they have to get to work. Let's not judge people for driving, but for what this is, poor parking and arrogance!! You're no more important than the next person. Leave home a little earlier and park safely!! Sadly, no action will be taken until there is a regrettable incident.
James MacDonald
Tuesday 26th November 2013 at 7:38 pm
I agree with Elaine. This is now the norm at most schools. You just have to walk along any pavement to see one or more cars parked on it. We need a major crackdown of illegal parking with either much higher fines or my personal preference, community service. Time is probably more precious than a fine and therefore a greater deterrent.
Claire Carter
Tuesday 26th November 2013 at 8:55 pm
Save our children, the elderly and pedestrians, think of others whilst driving...please! What is happening to this town?
Nicole Regan
Tuesday 26th November 2013 at 9:13 pm
I agree with nigel i am a resident near the back gate of the school, the parking is appaling most of the time you can't actually turn into poplar ave, you certainly can't walk or push a buggy down the footpaths. When i did manage to turn my car in i had to crawl while a man walked up the middle of the road with his kids and then wait while he got them in the car! It is sheer ignorance,arrogance and lack of awarness of anybody else.