New noticeboards to keep residents informed


Wilmslow Town Council has new noticeboards to keep residents informed about what's going on in the town.

To date the Council has purchased 3 noticeboards at a total cost of £4,580 plus £195.00 for delivery.

Two of the new noticeboards have been installed, one on Barlow Road in Lacey Green and the second at South Drive Car Park near the Library. The Council is currently in discussions with Emersons to have the third noticeboard installed at the Summerfields shopping area.

They are also waiting for permission from Cheshire East Council to install a noticeboard on Alderley Road (near Multi-York) and a further one on Chapel Lane.

Helen Richards, Assistant Town Clerk, explained "The noticeboards will help the Town Council to keep residents across Wilmslow informed of Town Council meetings and news along with other community information. Community groups have already been in contact with us wishing to utilise this facility."

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Alderley Road, Chapel Lane, Lacey Green, South Drive, Wilmslow Town Council


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Brian Jackson
Friday 30th August 2013 at 3:06 pm
£4580 plus £195 for 3 notice boards? This must be a joke and if not, then I am shocked. Literally speechless.
Friday 30th August 2013 at 5:49 pm
Good news that at long last there are to be notice boards in strategic positions giving much needed info on Town Happenings. Without WTC this would never have happened. But, and sadly there has to be a "but", could WTC please confirm the cost of £1596 each. There is surely an error of reporting here. My best guess would be £500 each max. Does not the board on South Drive exactly repeat information that which is available, less than a stone's throw away in the Library? Who is going to be charged with maintaining the info upto date? There is nothing worse than a notice board that is out of date.
Brian Jackson
Friday 30th August 2013 at 11:58 pm
Even £500 is too much. I would say, between £300 to £400. Not more than that. No doubt they are a good addition to Wilmslow though. (Only if they are kept out of reach of vandals)
Stuart Redgard
Saturday 31st August 2013 at 2:46 am
I saw and looked at the notice board in South Drive only today (Friday 30th) and was pleased with what I saw.

I can also confirm that the decision to purchase noticeboards was taken at a meeting of the full town council on 20th August 2012. The following is an extract from the minutes of the meeting.


Cllr Milnes as Chair of the Community and Order Committee advised of the recommendation from the Committee to purchase five noticeboards at an approximate cost of £10,200 including installation. The Town Clerk advised that these costings were based on the receipt of three quotations and estimates relating to installation costs.
Resolved that noticeboards be purchased and installed in line with the recommendation.


So competitive quotes were received and WTC have so far managed to get three boards installed for less than half of the anticipated total cost of all five.

I suggest that WTC should be congratulated on this rather than criticised.
Saturday 31st August 2013 at 2:31 pm
It would be very poor if every time one were to make a comment it was taken as a criticism.
Surely it is far better to take an interest in local issues, however much that interest could be misinterpreted, than the 78% of the electorate in Dean Row Ward who did not vote in the recent by election.
Brian Jackson
Saturday 31st August 2013 at 4:59 pm

Surely, WTC should be congralutaed and not critiqued for spending an unbelievable amount of money on just 30 notice boards. Oh I am sorry it's actually just 3 notice boards. My mistake
Dave Cash
Saturday 31st August 2013 at 10:58 pm
Brian, the £10,200 allocated for the 5 approved noticeboards is less than the cost of the proposed, and now hopefully defunct, civic regalia. Roll out has been staggered, whilst waiting for final permissions for Water La and Summerfield Precinct locations.

They cannot be 'vandal proof', as notices will need to be changed regularly ,and this info needs to be visible to the general public, inc those without internet access.

Certainly all expenditure needs to be scrutinised by WTC and residents, for value to the community and not self-aggrandisement.
Nick Jones
Sunday 1st September 2013 at 5:59 pm
Is this some frivolous pestilent avenging financial retribution by WTC councillors, miffed as a result of being denied the privilege of wasting £12000 on trinkets of office ?

I'm all in favour of meaningful social art and approve of regent Wilmslow sign-age. Although I haven't enquired how much that actually cost .... but common sense please re ....... cost !! Its our money after-all.

A wooden pear at £900 seems a relative bargain compared to this.......??
( yeah right !! )

Its bad enough getting tradesmen to quote sensible prices without adding the Wilmslow rip-off multiple factor X3 X2 whatever...

Fair tendering process is one thing.. and maybe that needs to be constrained with some common sense.....

Austerity? Hard times?

Seeking out local trades could probably have been more cost effectively im sure, and if it isnt then who wil just say no ?

.... and were back to the issues of that damned chain again

Whats the next WTC rip-off expenditure to be ?

Independants to the front please !!
Stuart Redgard
Monday 2nd September 2013 at 1:42 am
Dear all. I welcome debate and comments of any sort. My intention when commenting is never to be offensive but to add my opinion and provide further factual based information when I can. If my previous comment on this thread was offensive then that was inappropriate and I offer my sincere apologises. However, what I cannot do is stop others taking offence at my opinion.

I have done some quick internet searches for external notice boards and found the following website

The cheapest external notice board can be purchased and shipped to anywhere in mainland UK for a cost of £67.19

The dearest external notice board can be purchased and shipped to anywhere in mainland UK for a cost of £3247.20

And these costs doe not include installation. All comments welcomed.
Chris Hayes
Tuesday 3rd September 2013 at 2:53 pm
I think notice boards with up to date information are an excellent idea, but I am stunned at the cost.
WTC may have viewed 'competitive quotes' but I fear they were asking the wrong businesses!
Peter Davenport
Wednesday 4th September 2013 at 10:01 am
One of the problems of our council is that they will probably have to use Cheshire East's supplier list, who we know from newspaper reports, know how to charge.
Recently I was in the library, which needs the heating system modernising.
I was told they have to use a Cheshire East supplier, who would be more expensive than a local firm in the area.
This is a typical example, of what we were told. The new Council for Cheshire would save a lot of money. Sic!
Christopher Baker
Thursday 5th September 2013 at 11:18 am
I have no wish to make snide remarks, but surely elected officials should always
spend public money with the care they would exercise if the cost were to be taken
from their personal finances. If this is what is currently happening, then perhaps we
are "represented" by some rather wealthy, and perhaps extravagant, characters --
both at national and at local level.