Plans approved for second piece of the sculpture trail


Planning permission has been granted for a large sculpture of a pear to be installed in Wilmslow Town Centre as part of an edible themed sculpture trail.

Incredible Edible, who are passionate about improving the look of the town as well as promoting locally grown food, will be arranging for the sculpture to be installed near the junction of Alderley road and Parkway. This position has been selected as it is considered well placed for passing traffic, overlooked by several coffee bars and suitable distance from street signage.

Stone sculptor Keith Carter Harris, of Incredible Wilmslow, said "Incredible Edible Wilmslow have been working closely with our town council to improve the vista for local residence as well as visitors to Wilmslow. The idea of an edible themed sculpture trail, will make Wilmslow shine as well as bringing a new angle to promoting the ethos of Incredible Edible.

"The sculpture was completed earlier this year and we have been working through the administrative requirements in order to install it as soon as possible. 'The Pear' stands 2 feet in height and is carved from Beestone, a red sandstone from Cumbria. The Pear is mounted on a three foot high stone block plinth of local Kerridge buff sandstone."

Incredible Edible are now waiting for a licence from Cheshire East Highways, works will then commence to install the artwork on Alderley Road.

The cost for production of the sculpture and display sign will be £900 which is being provided by Wilmslow Town Council. Their sponsorship of the sculpture will be acknowledged on a plaque, along with details about the sculpture.

Cllr Ellie Brooks commented "Wilmslow Town Council were pleased to sponsor the pear sculpture to follow on from the apple at the Station, with a view to a "sculpture trail" in Wilmslow town which we feel will enhance the town and hopefully help to increase footfall for our shops.

"The pear sculpture will be placed alongside the pear tree (sponsored by my husband and I) which should bear fruit in a year or so. We hope all will enjoy both the sculpture and the fruit in due course!"

The first sculpture of an apple, sponsored by Northern Rail and Wilmslow Local Area Partnership, was installed at Wilmslow Station last year.

Incredible Edible Wilmslow are now working with Wilmslow Town Council and Arts Council England to fund a further three similar themed pieces to add to the sculpture trail for Wilmslow.

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Nick Jones
Tuesday 6th August 2013 at 6:00 pm
Not sure the 'exact' local significance of a 'Pear' in Wilmslow.. ( I'm sure 'Top Gear' presenters would have an opinion .!! ) Is this more appropriate than any other kind of fruit ?.....or a Wheat-sheaf etc.... But never the less, a great idea to complement the new 'WILMSLOW' town signs and flower beds that give us all a little sense of pride,identity and belonging. .

The idea of communal sculpture of this nature could perhaps be extended, so that when the Local authority are unfortunately tasked to fell established trees ( for whatever reason) ... maybe similar sculpture could be carved from the remaining trunk ?

Some private carvings of this nature are very pleasing and easy on the eye when travelling around our town and local villages.

Perhaps 12 more sculptures could be arranged and financed as an appropriate trade off for not getting the approval for the WTC's mayoral chain,Ermine gown, etc etc...

Credit where credits due on this occasion.. well done Art for the People !!!
Terry Roeves
Tuesday 6th August 2013 at 8:46 pm
We must all be keen on civic pride. We have seen real progress with signage, flowers and huge improvements to The Carrs. Families can play tennis again and perhaps one day we will be as significant to tennis as Dunblane is today.
Meanwhile, Hooray for our Vegetable Trail. It helps make Wilmslow memorable for good reasons. Congratulations to all who are making this happen!
Simon Worthington
Wednesday 7th August 2013 at 7:39 am
Fantastic. More street clutter which will "increase footfall to our shops". Perhaps the "civic pride" could extend to our greedy landlords and some maintenance of our weed infested and rotting buildings would help. As I have stated before, cast your eyes to first floor level around Water Lane and Grove Street and on a wet day note the leaking drainpipe above Timpsons for one, which has been in this state for years! The attempted repairs to the regularly flooding pavement on Water Lane (appropriate) seem to have halted. If this continues we will be able to hold Olympic style obstacle races on our streets.
Terry Roeves
Wednesday 7th August 2013 at 10:04 am
Weeds along Grove St have been a perennial problem. Surprised that they aren't removed, even by the shopkeepers. It's easy enough and would add little time to the working week.
Rents and Ill kempt stores are a common denominator on all High Streets and let's not forget high local taxes and car parking charges. No wonder out of town stores and on line shopping takes more and more turnover away from the local shopkeepers.
WTC need some innovative thinking. We could start with some ideas here that we could pass on. They would appreciate anything sensible, I feel sure.