Opinion: General state of Wilmslow streets


Is it just me, or is Wilmslow now so dirty and unkept?

I had high hopes that the new Town Council would clear the leaves from Autumn at least. The pavements are scruffy. The roads unkept. Grids totally blocked with tree debris.

We used to have two road sweeper/ waggons that sat unused at the back of Sainsbury’s. They have now disappeared into CEC. I have seen them on the by-pass and in Knutsford.

Why-o-why can we not have a regular street cleaner?

The last time any cleaning was done was for the Jubilee last year, only 4 volunteers turned up. I was one of them.

In Cheadle, Bramhall, Cheadle Heath and Cheadle Hulme the pavements and roads are brilliant. I actually saw a Council cleaner with a pan and brush on Station Road Cheadle Hulme yesterday morning, February 26th. Everything was spotless.

Of course this is Stockport a much poorer council. But, actually they do a fine job of roads, pavements, floral displays, landscaping etc.

Please someone tell me why we, in Wilmslow have such poor service. Can we not afford a man and a small rubbish trolley to cover the roads in the town area?

This is an opinion post by Barry Stafford.



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Derek Stevens
Wednesday 27th February 2013 at 1:16 pm
My office is on an industrial estate in Congleton and we have a regular street cleaning wagon cleaning both sides of the road (one side is only trees, grass verge and the River Dane).
Julia Prestbury
Wednesday 27th February 2013 at 2:40 pm
This may be true but another side to this is why is there so much rubbish - why are people so dirty and disgusting?
Oliver Romain
Friday 1st March 2013 at 6:44 am
I agree, the council is cutting corners on street cleaning. Hawthorn Grove does not have a litter problem but the leaves from the Autumn are still clogging the pavement and gullies. Its the same every year and its dangerous when the remaining leaf mulch is wet or icy.
Rehana Hindle
Saturday 2nd March 2013 at 9:29 am
Well done Barry, I totally understand and agree as a resident of wilmslow. It's the supply chains and service providers that should be ditched. Stockport is beautifully kept. Look at Westminster in London which is continually kept clean. Wilmslow has grown and has more people and traffic and so needs better and more efficient service providers. Street scene is not working. The head at wilmslow high school is trying but the children continue to drop litter,together with some parents emptying the cars of rubbish. I know this because i pick up rubbish and have only seen cars parked waiting to pick up ,afterwards there is a bottles, cans tissues sweet packets left. At night we get beer cans, bottles and burger/chips wrappers left by our young and sometimes with half eaten remains.
Of course the i hr parking areas in town with grass verges are destroyed. The leaves cover the grass verges which not blown, so these areas are miss used by motorist mainly on parkway and chapel lane as you can see where the tyres have left their imprints deep into the grass verges . Sainsburys carpark entrance from parkway is a disgrace. Are you doing your bit sainsburys!! Perhaps the employees of the our council do not live in wilmslow so they don't see. Leaves near the hedges are not blown or cleaned on holly road north, south, parkway, broadway , chapel lane, knutsford road and i could go on. The residential part of alderley road is not cleaned from sainsburys to chilli banana roundabout not even the council area hedges of alderley road and church. The bus stop near coach and four is always littered also the bus stop opposite chilli banana. Hawthorn suffers from litter and graffiti. Costa coffee cups and Starbucks cups thrown and empty sainburys hot pastries bags. Shame on you east Cheshire, clean up, street scene is not working, lets get back to employing people who will take ownership as you have lost your way!
Barry Stafford
Tuesday 5th March 2013 at 5:41 pm
Julia, you are missing the point, see my note in this weeks messages. The parish council and or whoever they employ, are not doing their job.The leaves and debris are still on the roads and under hedges from Autumn.The time the leaves fell!.I went round last year with a bin bag and shovel covering a large area along Chapel Lane to the Library and Park.This is the responsibility of some house holders (hedges) but I still filled 5 bags ,as the Council do not now sweep the pavements.Many grids /gulleys are still blocked with leaves.branches,etc as they are not cleaned as they used to be (every 3 months) so large pools of water build up when it rains.Remember Alderley Rd near the new by-pass in Jan .The road was flooded. As far as the litter from the school kids. They are not bothered.Do not teach 'Citizenship,and respect. And besides, employ, I understand, two men to keep the school grounds tidy,after the 'Little Darlings'Having lived near the school. the litter is dropped From Greggs,Tesco and Sainsbury's about 100 yds,time it takes, to stuff a pasty,or pizza ,before the wrapper hits the deck. Perhaps the Councillors,Barton,and Medlove,can explain ,how the Wilmslow Streets are meant to be kept clean,and some TLC introduced to such a SCRUFFY town.