Opinion: Wilmslow has more pressing issues


This is a member post from Rosemary Stubbs.

When Wilmslow residents opted for our own Town Council, we were assured that it would attend to our immediate needs.

This could be done by direct spending or by influencing the relevant authorities, possibly with a bit of pump-priming support. What do we find in practice?

A third of Council income goes on overheads, most of the councillors, albeit well-meaning, are novices, and they are getting bogged down over grandiose schemes proposed from outside, such as the Lifestyle Centre and the image-making ramblings of the Wilmslow Business Group.

There are things more urgently needed. The children's playground in The Carrs has no toilet; we treat our dogs with more consideration than our children. This should be a matter for shame - and action.

The Manchester Road/Station Road intersection has Green Man pedestrian crossings on the north-south arms but not east-west; why? Could we not have a hatched area with a vehicle no-go period during which pedestrians could cross safely in any direction?

On Altrincham Road, pedestrians crossing to go to and from Wilmslow Guild, a great asset to the town, find it all but impossible at busy times. A well-placed traffic island would make it much safer, without slowing the traffic.

We are told (officially!) that children are our future, and that the proportion of elderly residents will go on rising. Please let the Council do something tangible that shows it recognises these facts!

This is a member post by Rosemary Stubbs.

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Steven Cunliffe
Tuesday 7th February 2012 at 1:16 pm
We were told that Wilmslow Town council would save the taxpayer money by outsourcing local services more cheaply than East Cheshire was able to do. This has not happened. Instead, despite the governement freeze on council tax, Wilmslow residents are out of pocket because they have to pay a precept for the town council. East Cheshire is trying to get town and parish councils to provide services that the county provided in the past. East Cheshire is using town and parish councils to cut its own costs, and the burden is being passed onto the taxpayer by the precepts. It is just a way of sidestepping the council tax freeze. East Cheshire intends to impose an extra charge in Macclesfield and Crewe, two towns lucky enough not to have an extra tier of unnecessary bureaucracy. Wilmslow Town council is an expensive talking shop to which special interest groups such as the Wilmslow Business Group, which has representatives of the town's biggest stores, take their begging bowls.
Dave Cash
Wednesday 8th February 2012 at 3:13 am
Rosemary and Steven make some valid observations but, as yet WTC, have few powers devolved from CEC. local services for example, and they do require infrastructure first. Selected headlines are povided by loca press attending the meetings but WTC and associated comittees could be more transparent if the approved Minutes, when published on the new WTC website, included more details of discussion on Agenda items, together with briefing documents supplied to Cllrs. I have yet to hear a good debate during WTC meetings.
CEC are attempting to auction off their useful Town managers on p/t Lease Lend. During this time of austerity (for some) Wilmslow needs to maintain an active business/retail sector, but WTC should be aware of the 'begging bowl' mentality of interested organisations,. Evidence to date suggest they are.
In May WTC must hold a public AGM when financial balance sheets etc should be provided., After this there should be an Wilmslow electorate public AGM during which electors can call WTC members to account.
Most WTC & Comm meetings are open to the public with opportunity to comment/ask questions on Agenda items. Rarely have I counted more than 1 public observer.
If you want a more pro-active role, there is a vacancy for a Cllr in Wilmslow East Ward, so force an election, otherwise WTC will co-opt an eligable individual of their choice for the next 3 yrs