Be prepared for snow and ice

Households in Wilmslow and Handforth are taking advantage of an offer that helps them be prepared for the seasonal perils of snow and ice through a novel fund raising activity by 6th Wilmslow Scouts and the Edge Explorer Scout Group.

The two scout units have combined forces to take orders for bags of rock salt and then deliver it to homes in the area. In doing so they are contributing to fund raising for an expedition to the USA planned for later this year and, no doubt, to the safety of a lot of households.

"Given the treacherous conditions seen over the past two winters there can never have been a better link to the Scout motto of 'Be Prepared', and people seem to like that" said Ian Ross Scout Leader of the 6th Wilmslow Scout Group, adding that "and they really appreciate the convenience of us delivering to their homes."

John Devonald, one of the parent helpers who is co-ordinating the operation, said "We have had a great response and are still taking orders. The unseasonal mild Christmas does not mean that spring is here – we should expect it to get a lot colder before it gets warm again – so we still recommend having a bag in your garage, and it will keep for years."

Helen O'Brien, Group Scout Leader explained "We are fundraising to support a trip to the USA this summer which will see 24 Scouts and Explorers visiting Washington, and then travelling down to West Virginia. There they will meet up with a local Scout Troop who we hosted here in the UK in 2010 and 2007.

"When in West Virginia the planned activities include mountain hiking and camping in the wilderness on the way plus a kayaking expedition. The USA scouts are organising home hospitality for the periods in between and we are pleased to be building long term friendships with scouts from overseas."

Anyone interested in obtaining some of the salt (23.5 kilo bags delivered for just £8) can email or call John on 07733 172948.

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John Devonald
Wednesday 8th February 2012 at 1:22 pm
A big thank you to all who have responded and we now have only about 40 bags left. With a weather forecast of snowy and freezing conditions this week from Thursday and over the weekend we encourage anyone else interested to get in touch now so we are not delivering during and after the frost and fresh snow!! Act now and you can also "Be Prepared".