New nursery to launch at Wilmslow Prep

A Wilmslow mum is opening a nursery at Wilmslow Preparatory School, where she has run the holiday club since 2001.

The Nursery at Wilmslow Prep will be housed in the old Kindergarten building, which is currently being gutted and completely refurbished, and will provide care for 28 girls and boys from birth to school age. It will be open all year around, except Bank Holidays, from 7.30am to 6.15pm for the convenience of working parents.

Caroline said "I anticipate that the nursery will open in January, unless there is building delay, and as early in January as I can make it. We have six children already interested.

"The builders should finish in November, and the time after that will be used to set the business up, get furniture and toys etc. Parents can come to look at any time."

Caroline gave up her career in commercial law because it didn't really work with having children and the final straw came when she struggled to cover the holidays once the children started school.

She explained "I got a lottery grant to set up school holiday childcare, which was desperately needed in Wilmslow, and I have done that for 10 years at Wilmslow Prep catering for all local kids, whilst qualifying as a teacher and doing the stay-at-home mum bit during termtime.

"My kids are now 14 and 16 and I am keen to work full time again. I have a good relationship with the Prep and we will work together very well on this."

The nursery will provide a safe and happy environment for children, set within the fully enclosed secure grounds of the Prep School it will be watched over 24 hours a day by CCTV and have intercom only entry. There will be three separate rooms for babies, toddlers and pre-school children and on leaving the nursery girls can move in to the Kindergarten at Wilmslow Prep whilst boys will transfer to their preferred primary school.

Visit The Nursery at Wilmslow Prep website or email Caroline for further information.

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