Plans for development of eight houses on Adlington Road

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Plans have been submitted to replace an existing dwelling on the northern side of Adlington Road with a development of eight houses.

Swailes Homes Ltd are seeking permission to demolish a large detached house, which was originally two properties, at 35-37 Adlington Road and erect 8 new homes on the 0.36 hectare site, using part of the existing rear garden of 33 Adlington Road.

The existing house would be replaced with three pairs of semi-detached dwellings and two detached houses. Four of the properties would have three bedrooms whilst the other four would have five and a total of

24 parking spaces would be provided.

The application site adjoins the Bollin Park residential development which was granted planning permission for 204 dwellings in October 2014.

The plans can be viewed on the Cheshire East Planning Portal by searching for reference 20/1933M .

Adlington Road


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Nick Jones
Thursday 21st May 2020 at 9:42 am
It would seem futile to refuse any sort of development here. Perhaps they should build more than 8 properties. I can certainly understand the property owners initial anger when the now fallen from grace ex CEC leader Michael Jones made comments on Adlington Road "No building on these fields" … followed by February 15 CEC Meeting and the nodding dogs (now ex Cllrs thrown out by the voters or deselected ) who removed this land from Green belt protection. Does anybody know where the law enforcement investigation is up to BTW.. or has that also been kicked into the long grass and then built upon.
Jon Newell
Saturday 23rd May 2020 at 2:52 pm
I wonder where they are going to put the bins. No room alongside the properties at the rear of the site so they must be on the vehicle run ins. But these run ins provide 8 of the parking spaces needed to bring parking standards up to the minimum. And they are very tight being only one vehicle length and narrow.

On collection day someone will have to get the bins to the front of the site down the narrow drive - which can only be accessed by the electric gates. 8 on black bin day and 16 of them on recycling day.

They could need to close Adlington Road on recycling day because there is no where to store the bins without blocking all access to the houses so they will become a hazard to traffic and pedestrians on Adlington Road. I know there is a car park for 4 cars at the front (?????) but once again, these spaces are needed to bring the car parking up to minimum standards. So the bins will be lined up on a narrow footpath on Adlington Road.

Someone has not done their home work here. An apparently minor point but very important when refuge needs collecting.

And, as Cat Stevens said - "Where do the children play?"

And seriously - massively over developed. It will be a horrible place to live however nice the interiors.
Simon Worthington
Thursday 28th May 2020 at 10:22 am
Quite right - nasty place to live and close to the ghettos and the million pound luxury boxes Pete's mob bunged up on greenbelt. Let the owners worry about the bins.