Volunteers eager to reach and help all those in isolation

A group set up just over a month ago to help ensure that noone in the community feels alone during this strange, unprecedented time has received an overwhelming response.

Some local residents came together to form the Wilmslow Self-isolation Support group, with the aim of providing a centralised point for people in the community to request help, offer help, and access useful information during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The group now has almost 2,000 Facebook members, over 50 fully registered volunteers and a directory containing more than 80 WhatsApp groups for streets across Wilmslow.

They have also worked with Cheshire East Community and Voluntary Services to develop a registration process and advice sheets, to keep everyone as safe as possible whilst giving or receiving support.

The volunteers are eager to help those in isolation - or anyone struggling to collect food or medication, pay for food, or just need someone to talk to - and this week they will be distributing leaflets throughout Wilmslow to try to ensure that everyone who is in need of help is aware of the support available.

Sophie Taylor explained "We have evolved what we do in order to reach as many people as possible, and our fabulous volunteers have already leafleted large parts of Wilmslow.

"However, as time has gone on, we have become increasingly concerned that the most vulnerable in our community still may not be aware of the support available to them. This prompted a 'meeting of minds' with Food Friend, who provide basic food supplies to those with a genuine financial need, and Wilmslow Parish's Reverend Kirsty Allan, to produce a combined support leaflet. Wilmslow Town Council have been fully supportive of the leaflet, and have kindly funded the printing and delivery of it across Wilmslow."



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Marcia McGrail
Wednesday 6th May 2020 at 5:05 pm
The only up-side to these extraordinary days is the amount of extraordinary people who have stepped forward. Wonderful that they are no longer hidden gems.
As an aside, I do wonder at the use of the word 'evolved' (definition 'random chance over eons of time') for a process that I'm sure had more to do with careful strategic planning developed in double quick time!
Well done to all involved with this fabulous development.